Viper feeding technology

The python is a small viper that is distributed throughout the country and is also known as the "Tonggong" snake. It has high medicinal value in addition to food. It is easy to get the original species, breeding methods is not difficult, is a new type of aquaculture for the people to become rich.
First, the development and utilization of some valuable drugs produced with pythons as raw materials can cure a variety of intractable diseases. At present, domestic research institutes develop and apply the following methods: 1. Viper toxin is a raw material for the production of highly effective antithrombotic drugs. 2 Snakes have the effects of hurricane, sedation, detoxification, strong, and milk. Therefore, it is of high economic value to carry out artificial breeding of pythons. Viper dry pure poison powder is 20 times higher than the price of gold in the international market, and it exceeds 1,000 yuan per gram in the country.
Second, living habits snake body length 60 to 70 cm, the head slightly triangular. The back is gray-brown to brown, with a dark-colored "stigma"-shaped spot on the back of the head and gray to gray-brown on the abdomen, mixed with dark spots. Slow action at ordinary times, when the disturbance is disturbed when the tail tip. Often inhabiting plains, hills, low mountains, or fields and creeks, there are piles of rocks or tussocks in the rocks, bent into discs or waves. Predators, frogs, hawks, birds, insects, etc. Viper's reproduction, feeding, and activities are all restricted by temperature. Below 10°C, the viper almost does not prey; it enters hibernation below 5°C; 20°C to 25°C is the predation peak; and it drills into the snake-hole above 30°C. Habitat, generally do not prey. There is frequent activity at night, and after the spring season, the animals go out in search of food.
Third, breeding methods Aberdeen snake 2 to 3 years of sexual maturity, can be reproduced. The pythons reproduce differently from most snakes and reproduce eggs. The python's embryo develops in the female snake body, and the born snake snake can live independently. This kind of reproductive embryos can be protected by the maternal body, so the survival rate is high, and it is beneficial to artificial breeding. From May to September each year is the breeding period. Each female can produce 2 to 8 snakes. The newborn baby snake is 14-19 cm long and weighs 21-32 grams. Newborn snakes were peeled one or two times a year and entered hibernation.
Fourth, feeding technology
1. The establishment of python farms in the farms should be based on the number of farmed animals. Breeding density, generally no more than 5 per square meter. Cylinder raising, indoor breeding, outdoor venues. A small amount of cylinders are available, and the cylinder ports need to have a breathable cover. The requirements for indoor and venue maintenance should be safe, prevent flight, and prevent damage. The ground and the wall should be smoothed with water to prevent rat burrowing and snake hole escape.
2. Feeding management The snake's metabolism is slow, and after eating for a few days or even days, he will not eat food and will not starve to death, but he must supply drinking water. Python is a carnivorous animal, mainly feeding on small animals. It can put fish, frogs, rats, insects, meat and birds, chickens, ducks and eggs into the feeding grounds, allowing the pythons to eat at any time. Insect traps can also be set in the farm to induce insects to feed on snakes. The python's teeth have no chew. The food is swallowed in the stomach and digested by digestive juices. Keep clean and hygienic in the farm and clean it in time to remove sick snakes and dead snakes. Drinking water in the pool should be replaced frequently. The breeder is better trained to guard against snakes and wounds (to prepare snake-damaging drugs).
3. It is very important to protect the python during the winter to protect the winter snakes. No matter what method is adopted, the rats must be strictly guarded against rat damage. The temperature of the wintering place must be checked frequently to prevent frozen snakes. Before hibernation, sufficient food should be provided to increase the nutrient reserve of the snake body and create good conditions for safe wintering. The following methods can be taken to protect the pythons from wintering safely.
(1) Sanding method for wintering. A 20 cm thick layer of fine sand was placed inside the wooden box. Put the sleepy python on the sand, then lay 20 centimeters of fine sand, and put a layer of snake again. Repeat until the wooden box is fully covered, then place the wooden box in the cellar at 0°C to 2°C. . In the spring of the next year, the snake box was moved into the farm and the snake climbed out.
2 drilling nesting wintering method. At the rearing site, drill deep holes with iron braze, allow the snake to climb into the hole for winter, and then cover the hole 20 cm. In the coming spring, the cover will be removed and the snake will naturally crawl out.
(3) Digging of pits and over-wintering methods. In the farm, dig deep pits of 1.5 to 2 meters, and pile rocks, weeds, etc., wait until the snake climbs into the stone seams after hibernation, and then cover soil 20 centimeters. When the spring is warm, the cover soil will be removed and the snake will naturally climb out.
Fifth, the collection of snake venom to protect the original poisonous snake, it is appropriate to use live snakes to take poison. The price here is from biting poison. This method uses the left hand to grasp the snake's neck and the right hand to hold the poison device into the mouth of the Shepherd, causing the snake to bite the poison device by instinct and urge it to pick out the venom. Freshly taken snake venom should be immediately dried with a vacuum drier so that the water content does not exceed 5% to prevent the snake venom from spoilage. The dry powder can be tightly wrapped with black paper or foil and stored in a dry place for sale. Viper poisoning should not be too frequent. It is advisable to use it once a month. It can take 6 to 7 times a year, and it cannot be used during hibernation. When poisoning, we must strictly prevent poisonous snakes from injuring people. In the event of injury, we must immediately take emergency self-rescue measures, and as soon as possible to the hospital above the county level to inject anti-virus snake serum to ensure safety.

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