Reservoir cage without feeding method

Reservoir cages do not feed bait for farmed fish. They can directly use the reservoir's natural bait and engage in grazing-type extensive and sparse raising to produce pollution-free quality fish. A cage can produce 100 kilograms to 150 kilograms a year, and 300 to 600 yuan in net profit.
First, prepare to choose the leeward direction before the restocking. There are reservoirs and rivers that are filled with river water. The cage uses polyethylene nodule nets, which are 3 meters long, wide and high, 3 cm to 4 cm mesh, and hexahedron closed cages with lids. The cage bracket is made of four bamboos with a length of 3.5 meters and a tail diameter of 0.04 meters or more. The cage is fixed by anchorage rope fixation. Each group of 10 cages is a group of two polyethylene ropes with a diameter of 2 cm and are ligated along the two sides of the cage in series. The distance between the box and the box is 1 meter, each row is 6 meters apart, and the ends are anchored. Straighten and tighten. Each iron anchor weighs 10 kilograms. The anchor rope has a diameter of 3 centimeters and is longer than 2.5 times the water depth. Or fix it with a cable fixing method. The rope is made of polyethylene rope with a diameter of 4 cm and straddles the surface of the water. It is stretched and tightened and fixed on the piles on both banks. The two cables are a group of 3.5 meters apart. The cages are fixed in the middle and the cage spacing is 3 meters. The distance between the two sets of cables is 6 meters. The cages were launched one week before the fish species entered the box. Arranged in "product" shape or plum shape, according to the cage area and local water area 1:100 ratio distribution.
Second, fry stocking to spend calyx, white fleas, the ratio of 8:2, with stocking squid, tilapia. Each of the 20 to 25 fish species weighing 50 grams or more is released. The fingerlings are sterilized with saline at a concentration of 40 g/L to 50 g/L and bathed for 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
Third, the daily management to remove garbage in the pool, keep the pool water clean; adjust the tightness of the cable, anchor rope, so that the cage fully expanded; regularly clean the cage, the net put on the surface of the water with a bamboo strip or nylon brush scrub, every 15 days Wash once every 20 days.

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