The prevention and control

The Chinese locust has developed in Tai'an, Shandong Province for 3 generations a year. The crickets are wintering in the shallow upper layer under the trees, and the larvae emerge in April each year to produce eggs and leaves. The eggs hatched in early May, and the leaves of the newly hatched larvae showed sporadic white spots. As the age of the worm grows, food intake soars. The young larvae have the habit of transferring and drooping. After the 5th instar larvae matured, they lost their silking ability and descended along the trunks. Second-generation larvae hatch in June. The third generation larvae appeared in August.
According to the law of the occurrence of pests and the practical experience of the gardening department of Tai'an City in recent years, the following prevention and control measures are summarized for the reference of the majority of landscape managers.
Adult stage prevention and control After April of each year, the temperature gradually rises, and the adult S. obtusifolia enters the eutrophic period. After emergence, the adults lurked in the walls or bushes during the day and emerged at night, showing obvious phototaxis. According to this habit of pests, the gardening department specially designed and manufactured beautiful, economical and practical light trapping devices, placed in areas where the pests are severe, and conducted light trapping. Under normal circumstances, more than 30 insects can be induced every night. During the high season of emergence, the temperature is high; the weather is good; more adults are trapped.
Prevention and treatment of young larvae
In early May, the first generation of larvae hatched. During this period of time, it is important to look more closely at the sporadic white spots on the top and edges of the canopy. If yes, it indicates that the average damage rate of the blade exceeds 5%. At this time, it is necessary to prepare the spraying equipment and start spraying control. The used agents are: 1000 times 20% diflubenzuron III solution, 40% hyperosmotic omethoate 1000 times solution, or 20% chrysanthemum emulsifiable concentrate 4000 times solution, or 50% zinc thiophos-phosphate EC 3000 times solution , spray poison kill larvae. Spray should strive to achieve even spraying and all aspects.
The larvae are frightened by the habit of drooping drooping, and can also be used to suddenly vibrate the tree body or spray water, causing the pests to be frightened and the silk to fall on the ground. Then, sweeping centralized collection processing.
After the prevention and treatment of old larvae entered the period of June and July, the pests gradually entered the advanced stage and their food intake increased greatly. In a very short period of time, the leaves of the entire tree will be eaten. At this time, the pests are thick and thick, and they are insensitive to pesticides. The general pharmaceutical agents have little effect on them, and they bring great difficulties to prevention and control. In view of this situation, high-efficiency biological preparations such as stomach poisoning can be used, for example, 1000 ml of Bacillus thuringiensis spores containing 10 billion spores per a milliliter, for spraying prevention. This agent is sprayed on the leaves, and when ingested by pests, it can destroy the digestive tract and cause death from insect poisoning.
In the flood season, after the old larvae are prevented from maturing, they descend along the trunks and look for suitable places within the canopy projections. This period is the most favorable opportunity to control the country. It can be cleaned and killed before the mature larvae enter the soil. Or combine the autumn loose soil, find the earthworm in 2 cm thick soil layer, and concentrate on the treatment to reduce the insect source and reduce the harm in the coming year. It is also possible to apply 5% zincphosphate granules on the soil surface of the tree, using 3 to 5 grams per square meter, and scoop them up again to allow the pesticide particles to enter the soil and kill the insects.

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