Three types of fertilizers are not suitable for fertilizer

Contains harmful ionic fertilizers: Ammonium chloride, potassium chloride fertilizers, containing a large number of harmful chloride ions, water-soluble compounds produced after the application of the soil, will burn Shaomiao seedlings; ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate and other fertilizers, containing nitrate ions, Seed germination has a serious impact, so it should not be used as a seed fertilizer.
Fertilizers with toxic effects: Urea contains about 2% of diuretic, which may have toxic effects on seeds and seedlings. In addition, urea molecules with high nitrogen content can also infiltrate into the protein structure of the seed protein to denature the protein and poison the seeds and radicles.
Contains volatile and corrosive fertilizers: ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia, etc., with a strong volatile, easily smoked seeds and seedlings. Pu-calcium contains more than 5% of free sulfuric and phosphoric acid, which may cause harm to seed germination and seedling growth. Generally, it is not suitable for seed fertilizer.

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