How to freeze and store fruits and vegetables

(1) Bamboo shoot freezing method: Cook bamboo shoots first, cool them and cut into thin slices, drain the water, and put them in a fully sealed bag.
Thaw and food usage: No need to thaw, cook directly.
(2) Carrot frozen method: According to the needs of cooking, first cut the wire, slicing and then cook; drain water and let cool, then dry the water, drain into the aluminum plate and freeze, then freeze into the full bag. Save it.
Thawing and food use: You can thawed in hot water, or cooked directly.
(3) leafy vegetables freezing method: with hot water eight hot cooked, soaked in cold water soaked, then cut into the appropriate size, and drain water, drained into the aluminum plate frozen, and then stored in the full bag .
Thaw and food usage: Can be eaten directly with hot water.
(4) Roots and stems freezing method: After steaming or boiling, it is pressed into a mud, and then put into aluminum, separated into small pieces, etc., and then frozen, and then stored in a full bag.
Thaw and food usage: Take appropriate ingredients, do not need to thaw, can be cooked directly or made into a salad.
(5) Kiwi, banana, watermelon freezing method: cut into small pieces, row in the aluminum plate, sprinkle some sugar on the surface to prevent surface oxidation, freeze into the full bag, after the air is saved.
Thaw and eat it: Eat it directly or add milk juice to a smoothie.
(6) Grape and Litchi freezing method: Drain the water after washing and place it in the freezer directly.
Thawing and eating methods: eat directly after peeling.

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