How to eliminate the oil influent

When the engine oil contains excessive water, the performance of the engine oil will decline. Excessive moisture will reduce or even invalidate the use of some additives in the engine oil under certain conditions, which will destroy the viscosity of the engine oil and make the engine oil unable to form on the movement and friction. A good lubricating film causes abnormal wear of the machine and even mechanical failure. In general, when the engine oil contains excessive water, the engine oil will be emulsified, showing a milky white foam state. In this case, to avoid damage to the engine, we need to clean the engine and change the engine oil.
The mixing of oil with fuel is also a common failure phenomenon. When the fuel supply system is not working properly and the fuel atomization is not good, the fuel or a large amount of fuel mixture with too rich fuel will be mixed into the crankcase and mixed with the engine oil to dilute the engine oil. In addition, some oil pumps or pumps that use forced lubrication can also cause the oil to be diluted with fuel. After the oil is diluted with the fuel, the viscosity will drop significantly, affecting the formation of the lubricant film. At this time, the oil pressure will generally decrease, and the oil will have a distinct smell of fuel. At this time, we must check the way for the fuel to enter, so that the oil will not be contaminated by the fuel again.

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