How to raise winter goats

The task of raising goats in winter is arduous, and it is difficult to raise the technique. Little attention is paid to it, which often results in the death of a large number of goats. Among them, the maintenance, preservation of livestock, and miscarriage are the central tasks in breeding. General winter sheep should pay attention to the following four technical points:
First, a reasonable grazing rearing: winter grazing should generally choose to shelter from the sun, high dry terrain, a better sun sink low sun. In the early winter, some grasses have not died. At this time, we must step up grazing, put late and return home early, and pay attention to grab the sunny days of noon to grazing, so that goats can eat as much grass as possible, but do not let goats eat frozen grass and drink ice water. If goats cannot After the food is eaten, it is necessary to supplement the feed after returning. In the deep winter season, the goats should be returned for feeding.
Second, carefully feeding: the cold winter weather, goat body heat consumption, plus most of the ewes in the gestation phase, so pay special attention to strengthening the feeding and management, in addition to guaranteeing goats hay and straw feed, but also replenish the goat Soybean, corn, wheat bran and other concentrates, and pay attention to the dry and warm in the bar. In order to increase the movement of the sheep, the sheep should be allowed to graze on mounds or wooden platforms set in columns, and on sunny days, the sheep should be allowed to exercise in order to enhance the body and improve the vitality of winter.
Third, do a good job fetal and winter: winter ewes most gestation period, so we must pay attention to fetal work, male and female mutton should be kept separately, do not let pregnant ewes eat grazing frost and snow and ice Grass to prevent abortion caused by fights, collisions, extrusions, and falls. Give the ewe more warm water after the concentrate feed and salt, and pay attention to the breeding work of empty ewe to increase economic benefits.
Fourth, do a good job in the bar housing and grasping the epidemic prevention: Goats are tired and afraid of the wind. Therefore, the winter pens should be sheltered from the wind and dry, and the goat must be kept clean at the same time. At the same time, goats should be prevented from disease and exterminated. The excrement should be biologically treated, and the disease prevention and deworming of goats should be well done. We must do a good job of prevention and control of goat dysentery, E. coli disease, streptococcus suis disease and colds, and often use anthelmintic drugs to prevent deworming on goats to ensure that they are strong and resistant to cold winter attacks.

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