High-efficient Cultivation Techniques of Direct Seeding Rape in Winter Rice Field

No-tillage seedlings in winter rice fields can be used for rape seedlings. Every 667 square meters (1 mu) can be reduced by 5-6 labors than transplanting seedlings, save 60 to 70 yuan, and increase efficiency by 100 to 150 yuan, which can stagger the busy season. , Save money, easy to operate, increase production efficiency, has important promotion value.
First, the selection of fine varieties: should use high quality, high yield, high resistance hybrid double low or conventional double low rapeseed varieties. One night no-tillage rapeseed can be selected from Zhongyouza No. 1, Xiangyouza No. 1, Youyan No. 7 and No. 9, Shanyouza No. 1 and conventional Xiangyou No. 15 and so on. The two-night no-tillage live broadcast was better for the selection of early and medium-maturing varieties such as Xiangyougong No. 5 and Liyou 17.
II. Sophisticated sowing and regrowth: One-night rice field is sown in the middle and early October after harvest, and the second night rice field is sown 9 to 12 days before harvest. Paddy fields should be drained 3 to 5 days before sowing. 2 to 4 days before planting drought paddy field should be filled with a horse water. The sowing volume of 667 square meters is 300-500 grams. When sowing seeds, first 15 to 20 kg of fine soil plus 6 to 7 kg of phosphate fertilizer or 50 kg of ash and 6 to 7 kg of phosphate fertilizer mix well and spread directly and evenly. After sowing or after two days of harvesting, the waist, the circumference and the sulcus are to be excavated manually or by a trencher. The width of the groove is 30 centimeters, and the width is 1.1 to 1.2 meters. Then the gully soil is broken to cover or cover. In the middle of the hustle and bustle.
Third, carefully between the seedlings, Dingmiao: Spleen should be reserved to stay thin, pull sick, weak, hybrid seedlings. The first time the seedlings were carried out after the seedlings and the second seedlings were carried out when the second true leaf was grown. Rape grows to 3 to 4 leaves when the Dingmiao, usually 667 square meters Dingmiao 20,000 to 23,000. After one night of field Dingmiao, 667 square meters with 15% paclobutrazol wettable powder 50 grams of water 50 to 60 kg spray once to prevent the tall plant. In the second late field, the hypocotyl over-stretching of rapeseed during the symbiosis between rice and rapeseed caused the problem of seedling growth. It is important to carry out chemical control treatment. Chemical control method is: use 5% uniconazole 1 package (10 grams) add water 10 kilograms, can soak seeds 8 kilograms, soaking seeds for 7 to 8 hours after the seed dressing, sowing.
Fourth, scientific fertilization: one night before the planting of the field, two nights of field after rice harvest every 667 square meters of rotting pigs, cattle manure 1200 to 1500 kilograms, or soil miscellaneous fertilizer 1500 to 2000 kilograms, or splashing on the water Compost pigs, cow urine 1700 ~ 2000 kg, the other equally applied 15 ~ 20 kg of compound fertilizer plus 1 kg of borax. When rape is 3 to 4 leaves, 667 square meters should be topdressed with 6-7 kg of urea when it rains. After 667 m2 of spring, 5 kg of urea and potassium chloride were topdressed. Buds and flowering time should be sprayed once every 125 grams of borax 50 to 60 kilograms of water, once with spray Shi Bao; spraying the primary potassium dihydrogen phosphate 100 grams of water to 50 to 60 kilograms.
Fifth, attach importance to chemical weeding: Chemical weeding is the key to no-tillage rapeseed cultivation in direct seeding. After a field of late rape planted cover soil, 667 square meters of acetochlor 80 grams of water evenly sprayed on the surface. Rape 3 to 4 leaves, 667 square meters to use 10.8% high efficiency Gaifu to EC 20 ~ 30 ml of water 20 ~ 30 kg spraying weeding.
Sixth, integrated pest control: 1. With other winter crop rotation. 2. The same variety is planted in the same area for no more than 3 years. 3. Drain the drain in time to reduce the humidity in the field. 4. Spraying 50% carbendazim or sclerotium net 100 g water 50 kg each in the convulsing period, early flowering period, full flowering period, and podning period. 5. Control locusts and other pesticides with high efficiency and low toxicity or non-toxic farmer, anti-salty and salty pesticides.

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