Five Problems Neglected in Maintenance of Tractors

1, oil sump oil only see the quantity, do not look quality. Some drivers only know how to add oil and ignore quality checks. As everyone knows, long-term use of oil contains a large number of oxides and metal shavings, resulting in reduced lubricating properties, parts wear increased. Therefore, the engine should be regularly changed according to the specified cycle.
2, only maintenance of air filter, maintenance of exhaust pipe and muffler. Some drivers never clear the exhaust pipe and muffler carbon deposits, resulting in too thick carbon deposits, exhaust cross-sectional area decreases, resulting in exhaust gas exhaust, fresh air into the lack of combustion deterioration.
3, cooling water just add, regardless of cooling effect. Some drivers never remove scale, although the cooling water is sufficient, but the cooling effect is poor, causing multiple failures.
4. Pay attention only to the quality of the plunger coupler and the injector needle valve assembly. Do not pay attention to the quality of the outlet valve assembly. One of the functions of the oil valve is sealing, that is to say, the plunger oil chamber is separated from the high-pressure fuel pipe to prevent backflow; the second is to quickly depressurize when the oil supply is stopped, so as to ensure that the fuel injector is cut off and brittle. Even if the delivery valve is of poor quality or worn out, it will cause many diesel engine failures.
5, only pay attention to the state of the valve and valve seat, do not pay attention to the quality of the valve spring. When the valve leaks, people are accustomed to checking the valve and valve seat and ignore the check of valve spring quality. It should be pointed out that the lack of elasticity of the valve spring is also one of the causes of the valve leakage failure.

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