Radish storage anti-sucking heart

In the process of radish storage, as long as the following points are known, the heart-breaking phenomenon will be reduced.
Harvesting is timely. Radish harvesting should be based on local weather conditions. It is generally appropriate to harvest from late October to early November. The harvest was too early, the radish was not fully developed, and a small quality was hard; the harvest was too late and it was susceptible to freezing.
Pre-reserve exercise. After the radish is harvested, the loquat leaf should be screwed off and piled in a small pile in the field for pre-storage to prevent dehydration and freezing injury caused by wind and sun.
Save selection. When storing, choose varieties that are dense, thick, sugary, and watery. In general, the variety of green peel is not easy to worry about. In addition, radish with wounds, rips, and pests should be singled out.
Regulate temperature and humidity. High temperature, low temperature and high humidity, low humidity environmental conditions are not conducive to radish storage. General requirements are: storage temperature should be controlled between 0 ~ 4 °C, relative humidity is maintained between 85% ~ 95%.

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