Spring orchard management put five levels

In order to ensure a fruitful harvest of fruit trees, the management of orchards in the spring is very important. The main tasks are as follows:
Do a good job of orchard drainage. In spring, it is often rainy. Drainage in orchards is an important measure to solve the contradiction between water and air in the soil and prevent flooding and protecting trees. Low or flat ground orchards need to be well drained to ensure the normal growth of fruit tree roots.
Complete fruit tree pruning work. The planting fruit seedlings in the year were generally set at 0.5 meters. Young fruit trees were planted with strong branches and long branches and weak branches. Pulling the branches at an angle of 45°C will not only improve the illumination, but also reduce the tree vigor, which is beneficial to the formation of flower buds and the results of the following year. Tree type can be happy type. The fruit trees in the prolificacy period should be devoid of pests and branches, overlapping branches, and upper branches with prosperous branches. The height of the canopy should be controlled under 2.5 meters.
Pollination and sparse flowering. Poultry should be well polled for orchards with poor results or lack of pollination trees. Artificial pollination can be carried out at flowering stage, bee pollination at flowering stage, spraying of hormones and nutrient elements, such as spraying of 30 mg/kg gibberellin plus 0.3% boric acid solution or 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus 0.3% urea solution in fruit trees Fruit trees with good results should be properly sparse with excessive flowers, which will help to save nutrients and increase fruit setting rate.
Prevent stem diseases in fruit trees. Such as pear blight, ring disease. Observe the stems and stems (grafted parts) of the tree and find out the affected area. Use a knife to completely scrape off the diseased area, apply carbendazim, dexamethasone (1:1 ratio) 80 times, or 50 times double effect, A Chitobuzzine.
Proper control of fruit tree pests and diseases. Pears and flowers are sprayed with 15% triadimefon WP 2000 times once a week for 2 times in succession. It is effective for preventing pear rust. Prevention of black spot disease, peach scab disease and other diseases, in the leaf development period can be 40% Dupont Fuxing 8000_10000 times liquid, or thiophanate-methyl 1000 times, spray once every 7-10 days, 2 times in succession, the effect is better. In the orchard, it is necessary to carefully observe the pests at regular intervals. At the beginning of the growth of the new shoots, the nets are sprayed with a net or 1000 times of the net powder to kill the aphids, pear stem bees, and some leafhoppers. The pear hibiscus should strengthen early prevention and control, remove the damaged leaves in the early stage, destroy them in a concentrated manner, and use the hibiscus net for continuous use for 2 times. The control effect is good. The spraying should be used alternately and the spraying should be even and thorough, so as to ensure no leakage of spray and no heavy spraying, so as to maintain the healthy growth of fruit trees.

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