Polygala planting technology

Plant characteristics: Perennial herb. Plant height 30-50 cm, cylindrical root slender, brown.
Growth habits: hi cool climate, high temperature, cold, can safely overwintering at minus 40 degrees; drought, no rain for four months, can be safe summer, grow well in Gaozao, sunny, neutral soil, avoid blisters. Poor soil requirements, the general land can be planted.
After the land was selected, Mushi applied 100 kg of superphosphate, 30 kg of potassium sulfate and 50 kg of ammonium bicarbonate. Maturity soil mixed fertilizer 3 cubic meters, deep plowing.
• Seeding method: Within the sampan of the sampan, press about 20 centimeters from the row, spread the hand evenly, and step on it again, cover it with a layer of wheat stubble. Polygala can sow mu from March to October.
Field management: Keep moist inside before sprouting. 7-10 days out of mu. In the following year, no trace of fertilizer was applied. In April of the following year, 100 kg of calcium phosphate and 15-20 kg of urea were traced. There are few diseases and insect pests in Polygala. Attention should be paid to drainage during the rainy season. Polygala is drought-tolerant, and it is generally not watered under drought conditions.
Harvesting and processing: After 2-3 years of growth, the excavation will be carried out in mid-October. The fresh roots will be placed in a cool, well-ventilated place where they can be processed for two days. The selection is thick and tidy, and they are placed on a flat plate and smashed back and forth to the skin and wood. The separation of the cores and the drying of the wooden cores are the “Toya bulbs”. The smaller last year's wooden core, dried in the sun, was not shaped into a tube, so it was called "Taizhi meat." Generally 100-150 kilograms per mu.

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