How to correctly use colored agricultural film

In the past two years, with the rapid development of high-yield, high-efficiency, and high-quality agriculture in China, especially the rapid expansion of vegetable greenhouses, various colored films have been widely used in agricultural production. Appropriate use of colored plastic film can play a role in increasing production, increasing income, and preventing disease. If it is improperly applied, it will be counterproductive. The correct application methods of the nine kinds of colored agricultural film are described as follows: Black film weeds in severe plots or cultivated summer radish, cabbage, spinach, autumn cucumber, late tomato in high temperature season, and the black membrane is better.
Purple membrane This membrane is mainly suitable for the cultivation of solanaceous and green leafy vegetables in greenhouses or plastic greenhouses in winter and spring, which can improve quality and increase yield.
According to the yellow film, celery and lettuce are covered with a yellow film. Plants grow taller, convulsions are delayed, and bean production is robust. Covering cucumbers can promote flower buds and increase yield by 1 to 1.5 times. Tea leaves are covered, tea quality is superior, and yield is improved. .
The production practice of red membranes proves that rice seedlings cultivated under the red membrane have a strong production. The sugar content of sugar beets is high, the straight roots of carrots grow longer, and the leaves of leeks are broad and the meat thickness is harvested ahead of time, and the yield is increased.
The blue film is mainly suitable for rice breeding, which is conducive to the cultivation of dwarf seedlings. It can also be used in vegetables, cotton, peanuts, strawberries, beans, eggplant, sweet peppers, tomatoes, melons and other vegetables and other economic crops. To control the role of weeds.
The silver-gray film is mainly suitable for the cultivation of summer vegetables, melons, cotton and flue-cured tobacco. It has good functions of preventing disease, preventing aphids, whiteflies and improving quality.
The silver reflective film is mainly used for greenhouse vegetable cultivation, and can be hung in the greenhouse to cultivate the north side of the loquat to improve the lighting conditions in the greenhouse.
Silver Black Double-Sided Film The film is a composite of milk grey and black film. Covered with silver gray film on the film, black film under, with a variety of functions such as avoiding disease, preventing weeding and water retention. Mainly suitable for summer and autumn vegetables, melons and other disease-resistant heat cultivation.
When the black-and-white double-color film is covered, white is on top and black is on the bottom, and it is mainly suitable for heat-resistant cultivation of vegetables and melons in summer and autumn. With a good effect of lowering the temperature, the water retention and weed control effects are also very good. The use of the film for ground cover cultivation of radish, cabbage, lettuce and other cool vegetables will grow well.

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