Arranging a good variety of autumn cabbage

Autumn cabbage is one of the main varieties of autumn vegetables in the city, and it is an important source of increasing farmers' income in the autumn. It is of great significance to grow good autumn cabbage.

First of all, rationally arrange planting, so that it can be listed in stages. For example, in the main cultivation of the city's autumn cultivation of late-maturing Chinese cabbage, Beijing No. 3, the centralized time to market is in early November, and the large amount of market and short time is not easy to guarantee good returns; Consumption becomes a small amount of procurement at any time. The farmers who are engaged in production must adjust their sales methods, and they can cut down the good cabbage and bring them to the market in early October. Although the output is slightly lower, the price is high, and the benefit growth is significant. In the later period, it can be properly arranged for storage, reducing the need for centralized listing. , And can be listed in time according to market demand, so as to obtain good income.

Second, rational adjustment of planting varieties to diversify to meet the different needs of the market. There are distribution direct marketing conditions or can be done to boutique packaging sales, can be appropriate cultivation of characteristic Chinese cabbage, such as the selection of planted Beijing Vegetable Research Center bred orange red cabbage, can be used as a special seasonal food supply.

Third, the use of pollution-free vegetable production technology to ensure the quality of Chinese cabbage nutrition. In view of the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticide residues that affect food safety in the production of vegetables, Qiutai cabbage must be rationally used and rationally used, and high-quality products should be highly efficient.

Qiu Cabbage Cultivation Techniques of High Quality and High Yield

1. Select good disease-resistant varieties. With Beijing New No. 3, Jingqiu No. 1, Zhongbai No. 2, Zhongbai No. 4 and other fine varieties.

2, meticulous site preparation, full base fertilizer. According to the soil fertility rating standard for vegetable fields in Beijing suburbs, the fertility of most open vegetable fields in Beijing is at a moderately low level. It is recommended that the quality of Moshi's high-quality organic fertilizer be 5000 kg, plus 25 kg of diammonium phosphate, 15 kg of potassium fertilizer or compound fertilizer. Fertilizer 50 kg. 3, appropriate sowing. The sowing period in Beijing is appropriate from August 3 to August 8. Before sowing, it is required to be seeded with pesticides. Caifengning or Rhizoctonia may be used for seed dressing.

4, standard planting. Planted with small sorghum, the sorghum grows no more than 20 meters long and uses a squat type of four-separated or six-separated one, which facilitates watering and pest control. The former cultivars can be selected for ridge cultivation.

5, rational close planting. Chinese cabbage is suitable for setting seedlings at the end of August. Beijing New No. 3 and Jingqiu No. 1 are suitable for 1800~2000 mu, and Zhongbai No. 2 and Zhongbai No. 4 are suitable for 2000~2200 mu.

6. Strengthen seedling management. “Three-water seedlings and five waters are to be planted”; timely control of aphids and cabbage caterpillars can use new biohazard-free pesticide bio-soap or beta-cypermethrin EC.

7, the management of rosette period, the key is seedlings. Seedling time depending on the seedlings may be, generally 10 to 20 days, 22 leaves of about 20 kg of urea or ammonium sulfate 50 kg, and then watering, cultivator into the seedlings. Pest control: Continue to control aphids and cabbage caterpillars and pay attention to the control of downy mildew and black spot.

8, strengthen the management of the package period. Mainly fertilizer management and pest control. According to the law of Chinese cabbage requiring fertilizer, it is necessary to avoid one-time application of top-dressing Chinese cabbage, emphasizing staged topdressing, reducing late-stage de-fertilization and excessive use of excessive fertilizer to prevent reasonable occurrence. In addition, in order to avoid the quality deterioration caused by the pests in the latter stage, especially the aphids, it is required to combine the prevention of disease and the prevention of pests once.

(1) When the seedlings are watered in a timely manner, the first water should be small, after which water is poured every 7 days, and watering is stopped seven days before chopping.

(2) Pay attention to the application of heart-charging manure. In the early period of Baoxin, that is, at the end of September and the beginning of October, 25 kg of urea was applied to ensure the later filling. During the whole growing period of Chinese cabbage, the top dressing was based on a ratio of 1:3:4:2, ie, the seedling period was 1, the rosette period was 3, the early ball stage was 4, and the mid ball stage was 2. The total amount of topdressing is ammonium sulfate, and it is appropriate to use 70 to 100 kg per mu.

(3) Pay attention to the control of downy mildew, black spot, and soft rot. In the later period, we must pay particular attention to the prevention and control of black rot.

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