Walker transplanter troubleshooting technology

The cause of the breakdown and the countermeasures
Seedling posture is not good (floatation occurs) Water shortage in seedling box? Watering seedlings in seedling box is not properly adjusted in depth? The depth of the seedling is deepened in the topsoil? Slow down the speed of transplanting and press down the handlebar.

The planting fork brings back to the seedlings seedling box with insufficient moisture. Watering the planting fork in the seedling box. Improper movement and deformation of the planting fork and the gap between the needles and the rice field. Insufficient water supply.

Insufficient moisture in the seedling box; watering and deformation of the seedling box; wear and deformation of the needle; incorrect insertion of the fork; deformation of the rubber guide plate; poor expansion and contraction; deformation of rice paddy; release of water or slowing of the transplanting speed

The number of holes in the seedling box is too large, and the seeding rate of the drying seedling box is too large.

Absolute planting phenomenon occurs Non-uniform planting density Seedling arching? Note seedlings supply seedlings stepping down? Fixed pressure device, drying seedling box to take the soil clip folder, picking the roots to take the seedlings to adjust bad

Absolute planting phenomenon: wear and deformation of needles

The number of holes is not uniform The sowing density is uneven. The seedling box is not well slipped. Release the pressure seedlings, water the seedling box, and send the seedlings to the root.

4 Rows of seedlings decreased by uneven seedling box water difference. Taken to adjust the seedlings.

Seedlings on the seedling box arched seedling box excessive moisture? Drying the seedling box forget the fixed feeding seedlings and the remaining seedlings of the seedlings are not aligned to send seedlings wrapped around the roots

The number of burrows that touch the needles of the seedlings is not good. The bad adjustment of the seedlings is taken. The adjustment of the seedlings is poor. The tightening nut of the inserting crank is loose. The adjustment of the seedling box holder (left and right) is bad.

4 row depth inconsistent three floating plate rear fixed position inconsistent hydraulic valve loose

Drive wheel and floating plate float automatically. Bad hydraulic steel wire adjusts poor seedling support. Draw rope adjusts poorly. Insertion speed and slow driving speed.

Insertion and slow travel speed Hydraulic valve loosely adjusts main clutch wire

Seedlings do not slide Seedling box Water shortage? To the seedling box watering hoe block width size exceeds? Seedling box vertically to the vibration seedling roll wrapped around the roots

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