Substrate cultivation black fungus anti-mite technology

The locust is commonly known as “Bacteria” and it is the number one pest of black fungus production. Improper prevention and control will result in a large area of ​​reduced production, and even no harvest. In 2004, due to the full implementation of the black fungus anti-mite technology, the township of Huangyuan Township in the city had a total of 255 million bags of black fungus in the township. In addition to the loss of 607 bags in one household, the rest were intact, ensuring the safe production of black fungus. The experience is described as follows:
1 Prevention-oriented, integrated prevention
1.1 Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the cultivation site and surrounding environment and eliminate the source of insects. The cultivation site should be kept away from pollution sources such as poultry houses and granaries, feed storage sites, etc., and keep the cultivating room and surrounding environment clean and hygienic. The culture room should spray 800 times liquid dichlorvos on the walls and ground 3 days before stacking the bacteria sticks, and use sulphur multi-point fumigation (5g/m3) to seal for 2 days before stacking. During the germination process, special personnel should be responsible for the care and regular inspections, and the contaminated bacterial sticks should be disposed of immediately and should not be thrown away.
1.2 Scientifically arrange production seasons and use appropriate temperatures to create environmental conditions that are beneficial to the growth and development of black fungus and to the unfavorable propagation of aphids. 25 °C is the most suitable temperature for the growth and reproduction of maggots. In autumn and winter, when the temperature drops below 20 °C, the ear can be staged. In order to prevent the aging of mycelium and reduce the vitality, the mycelium must be thrown out of the field within one week after the mycelium is full. In the process of earing, it is necessary to carry out inspections carefully and carefully. Once a flaw is discovered, measures must be taken to control it in a timely manner so as to prevent the proliferation from spreading.
1.3 The paddy field should be selected for the ear field. Do not use mountains. The ear field should be rotated with rice. The selected ear field should be cleared of surrounding weeds after rice is harvested, soaked in shallow water for 2 days, then sprayed with 600g of dichlorvos and 500 times of Ketite for 2 days on the water and surrounding areas.
1.4 Select fresh accessories. Bran and rice bran are very easy to breed maggots. When mixing materials, it is easy to pollute the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of accessories to eliminate the source of auxiliaries. When using, fresh, non-insect bran and rice bran should be used. After purchase, pile up a fixed place and spray 800 times liquid dichlorvos or 400 times detergent.
1.5 Strictly control the quality of strains. Select strains in addition to strong resistance, no bacteria contamination, hyphae robust, but also more important to check whether the contamination of locusts, can not be introduced to the area where the locust pollution is serious, and prevent strains carrying maggots.
1.6 Inoculation boxes, inoculation rooms, and tools must be regularly washed with soap and water.
2 Chemical control of black fungus ear ear can not directly use pesticides on the bacteria sticks, because the pesticide can easily remain in the fruit body of black fungus, in the event of damaging, can only be sprayed after the end of picking, pharmaceuticals can be used 0.6% of the sea right away pests Spirit or 1.8% avermectin 3000 times liquid Ke Di 500 times or Kimberly 1000 times spray killing. The use of detergent 400 times continuous spray 2 or 3 times, can effectively kill aphids.

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