The main problems of eggplant storage and freshness

Eggplant is widely cultivated in various parts of China and is one of the main vegetables in summer and autumn in various parts of northern China. However, eggplants are susceptible to deterioration and rot during storage and are difficult to store for a long time. The main problems in storage are the following:
(1) Fruit stalks, along with sepals, produce wet rot or dry rot, spread to fruit, or detach from the fruit;
(2) There are various lesions on the fruit surface, which continuously expands or even rots the whole fruit, mainly including brownish-brown disease and Mianxian disease;
(3) Chilling damage will occur below 7°C, and the surface of the fruit will show submerged plaques that are immersed in water or bleached, and the internal seed and placenta parenchyma will turn brown.
According to reports, the eggplant storage temperature is 10 ~ 12 °C, relative humidity of 85% to 90% is appropriate. Eggplant is more sensitive to carbon dioxide. Atmosphere storage, the use of low oxygen, low carbon dioxide indicators, to prevent fruit stems off and preservation of a certain effect; but the fruit rot can not effectively control. Eggplant is sensitive to chlorine, so chlorine should not be used for antisepsis and sterilization. Sec-butylamine has a certain effect.
Every place has experience of simply storing eggplant. Generally used late varieties, lower moisture content, harvested before the next frost. In the cellar stack and use ?, paper, etc., cover, or package by one by one or the rice husk layered, or storage in the pit.

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