Grass pulp feeding fish is good

Grass is used as a straw to feed fish, its nutrient utilization can be increased by more than 50%, and it can also play the dual role of feeding and fertilization. The reason is that there are many particles in grass pulp with the same size as plankton, which can be used by filter and omnivorous fish; while the larger pieces can be eaten by grass carp, squid, bream and other herbivorous fishes. Feeding. Grass pulp granules and juices that have not been ingested by fish can be converted into planktonic nutrients under the action of bacteria in addition to being used by large-scale zooplankton and benthic animals, and promote the proliferation of plankton, thus providing fish The class provides a wealth of natural food. The operation flow is as follows:
First, beating: water hyacinth, water peanuts, water lettuce and some terrestrial grass need to be washed with clean water before beating, and soaked with bleach solution soaking, and then beat it into a pulp slurry with a pulper. When beating, add a small amount of time, and the proportion of grass and water should be properly controlled. Try to make the grass pulp fine as possible to increase the time for suspending the pulp particles in the water and increase the utilization of the straw. After playing, adding 2%--5% salt in the straw can play a role in disinfection. In addition, carefully check the beater before and after beating to ensure that the beater blade has enough sharpness and the machine has a high speed.
Second, feeding: Generally every 667 square meters of water fed 50 - 75 kg of grass pulp every day, the amount of feeding should be based on the growth of pond fish, weather and water quality changes and other flexible conditions. In order to fully feed the fish, the whole pool should be sprayed evenly when feeding. Every day in the morning and afternoon feeding 1 to increase the fish's feeding opportunities. In ponds containing non-herbivorous fish in the rear of fry and fingerling rearing, appropriate concentrates should be added to the straw.
Third, management: After the straw pulp is fed, new water should be added frequently to adjust the water quality to increase the oxygen content in the water and the water space. Proper spilling of quicklime not only sterilizes, sterilizes, and prevents disease, but also neutralizes the acidic substances produced by the decomposition of the pulp slurry, which makes the pH of the water neutral to neutrality, thereby promoting fish growth.

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