The rational use of four home fish oxytocin

According to the species of broodstock, the use of reasonable aphrodisiacs, respectively, is one of the effective means to increase the productivity of inducing urine, and the principle of high efficiency, soundness, and economy should be used in the use of oxytocin. Injection of oxytocic acid can be divided into one injection and two injections. The brooding ovulation can even be used for three injections. The maturity of the broodstock is good, and when the water temperature is appropriate, an injection can usually be used. Generally speaking, the effect of two injections is better than one injection, and the spawning rate, fecundity and fertility are higher, and the estrus estrus time is high. More consistent, especially suitable for early production of broodstock, or broodstock maturation is not enough maturity, because the first needle has a ripening effect, the first time only a small amount of oxytocic acid injection.
According to the situation of the use of oxytocin in four fishes in recent years in the aquatic product improvement field in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, LRH-A has been used in the aphrodisiac of grass carp, with a single injection of 15 μg/kg, with excellent results. The cockroach and squid were mixed with the aphrodisiac, and the specific doses were used in a timely manner: LRH-A15 μg/kg plus HCG 300 IU/kg, divided into two injections. The first LRH-A15 micrograms/kg, the second shot after 8 hours, LRH-A 10 micrograms/kg plus HCG 300 international units/kg. After the use of the mixture in recent years, it has been proved that the effect of using the mixture is better than that of the HCG alone, especially for some broodstock with poor maturity, high incretion rate, low mortality, and high emergence rate. Fundamentally eliminate the appearance of blind fish, and lower than the cost of HCG alone.
(1) Usually the injection dose should pay attention to several points when using a dose of oxytocin.
1 For the mature broodstock, the first needle can not be arbitrarily increased, otherwise it is easy to cause premature birth and miscarriage.
2 If the male is very mature, he can not play the first shot.
3 In general, one injection is the sum of two injections.
4 When the water temperature is low at the early stage when the water temperature is low, the dose may be slightly increased depending on the light, temperature, or when the broodstock matures slightly.
5 After many years (or more) of injecting oxytocicants for oxytocin production, or if the previous dose has been used consistently or if the broodstock is older, the dose should be increased.
6 Different types of broodstock have different susceptibility to oxytocin: General grass carp and carp are more sensitive, with less use, followed by carp. Herring is the largest dose in the four major fish, but the pituitary gland or domoxone (DOM) must be used to have the best effect.
7 The excessive use of chorionic hormone caused a blindness in the fish, as well as the death of dystocia.
8 There are side effects when using a hormone releasing hormone analogue or chorionic hormone. The formulation must be used with caution. Adding appropriate amounts of pituitary and diketone produces better results.
(2) How to prepare the injection water for injection is generally prepared with normal saline (0.7% sodium chloride solution), or it can be prepared with clean cold water.
Both hormone-releasing hormone analogs and chorionic hormones are commercially available products that are easily dissolved in water. Simply inject a small amount of water for injection and shake well to dissolve them. Then, the drug can be completely aspirated and diluted to the desired concentration.
Before pituitary injection preparation, the pituitary gland should be removed and air-dried, and then thoroughly ground in a clean mortar. When grinding, add a few drops of water for injection, grind it into a paste, and then dilute it with a small amount of injection water and inhale the syringe simultaneously. Until there is no hormone left in the mortar, the final solution is diluted with the required dope.
Cautions when preparing injections:
1 It is generally ready for use to prevent failure. If not more than 1 hour, it should not be stored in a 4°C refrigerator.
2 slightly more than the total amount of injection to compensate for the loss of injection and preparation.
3 The amount of diluent is convenient for conversion when injected, but it should generally be controlled that the injection dose of each broodstock does not exceed 5 ml.
(3) Prior to the injection injection, the broodstock was weighed using a fish clip and then the actual dose to be injected was calculated and injections could be performed. At the time of injection, one person took a fish clip and the fish was allowed to lie on one side, exposing the injection site, and the other was injected.
Syringe with 5 ml or 10 ml or commonly used continuous syringe, needle No. 6-8 can be boiled before use to disinfect. There are several injection sites.
1 chest injection. The pelvic fins were injected with phosphorus-free depressions. The height of the needles was between 45 and 60 degrees toward the front of the fish body and the body axis. The depth was generally about 1 cm. It should not be too deep, otherwise it would injure the internal organs.
2 intramuscular injection. Generally, under the full muscle of the dorsal fin, a needle is inserted into the muscle 1 to 2 cm in front of the scale for injection.
After the injection is complete, quickly remove the needle and sterilize it with iodine rubbed to prevent infection. If the brooding fish struggles during the injection, the needle should be pulled out quickly to avoid injury.
(4) Injecting time When breeding, in order to control the broodstock spawning, to facilitate the work. The injection time should be determined according to the weather, water temperature and effect time. Most of the one-time injections are performed in the afternoon and spawned in the early morning of the next morning. In the case of two injections, according to the time of the second injection, the first needle is generally performed at 9:00-10:00 in the morning, and the second needle is performed at 18:00-20:00 on the same day. Move back 1-2 hours so that the water temperature is higher when spawning.

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