Precautions for inoculation at both ends of the cultivation bag

The same strain is inserted at both ends of the bag, and often only one end of the mycelium grows well. At the other end, the mycelium atrophies and dies. Because:
(1) In the course of inoculation, one strain of bacteria is crushed and damaged and it is difficult to recover.
(2) Due to various reasons, the water content at the other end is high, and the bacteria species are immersed in the water for a long time so that the bacteria species will rot. In addition, the tightness of the bag at the end of one end causes an insufficient supply of oxygen, which can also hinder mycelial growth.
Ways to overcome: Digging bacteria should not be too broken, to be dug into a block, so that bacteria quickly recover and grow vigorously; bagging should be uniform, when the culture must be bagged. If there is insufficient oxygen supply, several small holes can be drilled in the area where the mushroom's mycelium crawls.

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