Cleverly Solving the Three Contradictions of Rice-fish Farming

Solving the three major contradictions of fishery rice fields with "fertilizer application, pesticide application, and shallow-water irrigation" is the key to obtaining a double harvest of rice and fish.

First, control the amount of fertilizer According to the determination, a variety of chemical fertilizers in the depth of 6 cm, the safe use of 3 cm long carp seedlings per mu is: ammonium sulfate 10 kg to 15 kg, potassium nitrate 2.5 kg to 7.5 kg, superphosphate 5 Kg ~ 10 kg, ammonia 2 kg ~ 2.5 kg, lime 10 kg. As long as the amount of fertilizer is controlled within the above range, it is safer and more reliable. At the same time, the method of chemical fertilizer application should be appropriate, first row of shallow field water, so that the fish concentrated in the fish ditch and fish pit and then fertilize, so that the chemical fertilizer rapidly sinks in the water bottom layer, and absorbed by the field mud and rice bran, and then added water to normal depth.

Second, the selection of high-efficiency low-toxic pesticides can be used insecticide trichlorfon, insecticidal fleas, kill lice pine; bactericide can use the enemy dry net, leaf dry net, rice bran net, must be in accordance with the provisions of the proportion and concentration of the amount to avoid using "1605 "1059" disables pesticides that are toxic to fish such as dichlorvos and methyl parathion. When spraying, powders are generally applied in the morning with dew, and emulsions or liquids are applied after the dew has dried. Drugs should be sprayed on rice bran as much as possible to improve pest control and reduce pesticide damage to fish.

III. Shallow-irrigation paddy rice Shallow-irrigation paddy fields and fish farming require maintaining a certain depth of water is a contradiction, the solution is to excavate the "well", "field", "mesh" shape of the fish ditch and 1 Square to 2 square meters large fish pit, if necessary, the fish can be transferred to the pond, pool or into the reservoir.

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