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The pomelo tree is pruned and trimmed to make it full-bodied, and achieves the goal of high yield and stable production.

First, dry and high 40-60 cm, a total of 5-6 main branches. The biological characteristics of pomelos are different from those of other sweet oranges and red tangerines. The tree vigor is strong, the tree is tall, and the fruit is large. As a result, most or all of the mother branches are inside the crown. We must understand these characteristics of it in order to master the trimming technique.

Second, the results of the results of the branches of the mother branch branches called the results of the mother branch. The results mother branch can be roughly divided into three types:

1. Branchlets branching on lateral branches, which grow weakly and do not extend from the vegetative branches of the tree crown. After two to three years of continuous growth, the resulting branches have no leaf-derived parental branches.

2. There are no leaf shoots, and the nutrient conditions for flowering and germination of this shoot are not enough. It usually takes three years to produce fruit.

3, falling fruit branches (commonly known as eyebrows), they do not germinate buds, the results of flowering the next year.

Third, the results of the branch by the results of the mother bud a bud or germination of several buds. The results were branches with leafy branches, floral branches with fruiting branches, and leafless fruiting branches. There is a flower of at most flowers, and the result is the best of the results with no inflorescence and inflorescence.

Fourth, the purpose and significance of trimming makes the interior of the canopy well ventilated and light-transmitting. The inner church results in nutrient enrichment of the mother tree, with many results and good quality.

5. The principle of pruning is to ensure that there is no void in the outer space, heavy shearing on the roof, light shearing on the four sides, external heavy shearing, and internal light shearing.

6. Trimming methods Pay attention to the retention of the relatively weak leafless branches on the internal branches of the crown, which are excellent results of the mother branches; vegetative growth is lush and the branches are too dense and should be re-sheared; the weaker vegetative growth should be lightly sheared;

VII. Trimming time and branches to be cut After harvesting the fruit, the vertical erect and pendulous branches in the canopy shall be cut off, and the dried branches, diseased and broken branches, shaded branches, and heavy cross branches shall be cut off. 2, Xia Jian: In the summer to wipe out part of the dense, over prosperous new shoots, thinning shear delicate branches, short cuts.

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