Tea tree garden winter management method

1. Spray the entire body of the tea tree with 0.4-0.5 Baume degree lime sulfur spray.
2. 150kg of cake fertilizer, or 100kg of compound fertilizer for tea leaves, is required for hole application or strip ditch, and it is required to end the application of basal fertilizer in November.
3, combined with fertilization, clear garden weeds in the park to reduce pest winter habitat.
4. To plant good tea plants in top-planting tea gardens, deep ditch the tea plantation ditch, deep basal fertilizer, single planting in double rows, low-hole cultivation, low cutting, and planting in this winter and next spring.

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        Goji seed oil

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        Goji seed oil can be widely used in food additives, nutritional supplements to beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and so on, and have the call of the market. a number of companies and research institutions at home and abroad are developing new products of goji seed oil, goji seed oil pills, goji seed oil capsules and other products have come out in succession, the products have been toward to the development of diversified, and it has a very broad market prospects. At present, China is a dominant nation in world research and industrial development on goji, and is a large goji producer in the world. So, the goji seed oil is rich in resources processing. There are 3 grams seeds in 100 grams fresh goji fruits, and the gaining rate of goji seed oil from goji seed is 13-17% by the mean of supercritical CO2 extraction. At present, there only has few product`s Varieties of goji seed oil, and low-grade end products, so, we must further intensify the efforts of research and development and accelerate the development of diversification, with the grow demand for goji seed oil products at home and abroad and the development of the living standard of the people. At the same time, we must speed up the improving process of modernization on traditional planting methods, rise the level of science and technology, standardize the market to enhance the international competitive power of products. 

        The production process of goji seed oil

Goji Berry Seed Oil

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