Bio-fertilizer use six note

Carefully observe and inspect the purchased products, and pay attention to the following items: whether the liquid fertilizer is precipitated or not, and the degree of turbidity; whether the carrier particles of the solid fertilizer are uniform or whether it is agglomerated; whether the production unit is regular, whether it has a certificate of conformity, etc. It is better if you can understand the factory and consult related professionals.

Second, pay attention to the storage environment.

Generally, the biofertilizer has strong low-temperature resistance, but has low resistance to high temperature. In addition to observing the environmental conditions of the merchant's storage site, the purchased fertilizer also has a short-term storage problem, such as direct sunlight, moisture, and dry ventilation.

Third, pay attention to the timely use.

Biofertilizers have a short period of validity, and even compound solid fertilizers should not be stored for a long time. They can generally be purchased within 2 months before use, and can be used with purchase if conditions permit.

Fourth, pay attention to reasonable application.

According to the characteristics of biological fertilizers and strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instructions, especially when it comes to spray concentration, operating instruments, application time and other issues, must be strict operating procedures.

Fifth, pay attention to other drugs and fertilizers.

Biofertilizers are generally acidic, and the population is weak and susceptible to killing or killing before the microorganisms multiply. Especially when sterilizing medicines and chemical fertilizers are applied, if they are applied at the same time, the two fertilizers will fail, and the other medicines and fertilizers will not be known. Before the nature, it is best to apply the biofertilizer alone.

Six, pay attention to the continuity of application.

In addition to basal fertilizers, the effect of spraying biological fertilizers is obvious within a few days, and can last for more than 10 to several tens of days. With the long-term exposure of microorganisms, especially the discomfort of high-temperature conditions, the microbial population declines rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to make timely supplements to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of its effects. For example, during the growing period of the vegetables, spraying once every 20 days, the fruit trees can be sprayed 3 to 5 times from the beginning of fruit setting to the 20 days before harvest. Generally, the field crops are sprayed 3 times or so, and obvious increase in production can be achieved. Quality effect.

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