Reasons for Low Yield of Litchi and Its Improvement Measures

First, the reasons for the low yield of litchi

1. Poor seedling quality: Due to imperfect production system of litchi seedlings, there is a lack of effective management and supervision mechanisms for seedlings and sales process, resulting in mixed varieties, seedlings with serious diseases and insect pests flowing into the production unit, resulting in delayed production, poor quality, and low yield. .

2. Soil thinness: For litchi gardens such as barren hills with low topsoil, poor soil fertility, and low organic matter content, nutrient imbalances and physiological diseases often occur due to insufficient fertilization, which affects yield.

3. Unscientific cultivation and management: Improper cultivation and management are the main reasons for the low yield of litchi, mainly in the following aspects: (1) Fertilization is unreasonable, only pay attention to nitrogen fertilizer and ignore organic fertilizer, do not pay attention to fertilizer types and application methods; 2) The pruning is irrational, which results in unclean tree crowns, poor nutrition of the trees, and failure to obtain high-quality mother trees; (3) Inappropriate timing during shoot-out, poor control of flowering and shoot-inducing methods, leading to winter shoots, and flower bud differentiation influences.

4. Severe pests and diseases: mainly caused by pests such as Phytophthora capsici, Pygmy elephant, and Tisella, resulting in a large number of fallen flowers, fruit drop, or rotten fruit resulting in reduced yields.

5. Bad weather: Litchi flower bud differentiation period lack of low temperature, resulting in poor flower bud differentiation, or in the flowering season encounter low temperature and rainy weather, affecting pollination and fertilization, resulting in a large number of young fruit fall off; In addition, frequent typhoons in summer and autumn, the impact on litchi production is very Big.

Second, the reform of litchi low-yield garden

1. Replacing the plant: Excavate the weak tree and use it to transplant soil with good seedlings that perform well in this area without pests and diseases.

2. Deep-turning the soil: Deeply turn the soil in the canopy drip line 15-20 cm, and add pond mud or soil mixed fertilizer to change the soil.

3. Rational fertilization: Litchi fertilization mainly focuses on three phases: (1) Pre-flowering fertilizer, which is mainly to promote flower bud differentiation, increase flowering volume, and improve flower quality. In this period, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are used together; (2) Fruit preservation Strong fruit fertilizer is applied after flowering, young fruit stage and fruit enlargement period to promote fruit enlargement, mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, suitable for nitrogenous fertilizers; (3) fertilizers before and after fruit picking, to quickly restore tree vigor and promote sufficient quantities, To enrich the young shoots of the autumn shoots, the fertilization was mainly organic fertilizers, combined with the period of autumn shoots, timely application of available nitrogen, and appropriate amounts of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

4. Reasonable pruning: timely remove the dead branches, drooping branches, inner branches, branches, branches, branches and branches, etc. After pruning, strengthen the fertilizer and water supply, apply fertilizers outside the roots, prevent and treat pests and diseases, and cultivate robust mother trees.

5. Controlling winter shoots to promote flower bud differentiation: Spiral girdling is applied to trees that grow vigorously, girdling periods are based on different species, and the timing for flower buds to differentiate into tree species is determined; medium-growth trees use circumcision. If the winter shoot has been withdrawn, then when the tip length is 2 to 5 cm, the spray control tip may be used to remove the flower or manually.

6. Strong flowers and fruits: You can apply the flowers to protect the fruit fertilizer, artificially removed or to control the tip of the lychee to promote flowering agent with flower spike, orchard bee, artificial assistant pollination, pest control and other measures. In addition, the use of spiral ring stripping technology, combined with ring cutting method to preserve fruit, the effect is very good.

7. Control pests and diseases: Do a good job of clearing the gardens in winter, whitening trunks, and reducing the source of diseases and insects. If there is continuous rainy weather at flowering stage and young fruit stage, 600 times of thiram Mn-Zn may be used or agricultural anti-9611 150 times spraying to prevent Phytophthora capsici. At the flowering stage and shoot stage, the insects were sprayed with 800 times solution of the insects to control the elephants and to treat other pests. About 20 days before fruit ripening, 25% of the cloth was sprayed with 2500 times of liquid to control locusts and sprayed once every 10 days.

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