Japanese scientists try to eliminate mosquitoes with copper coins

Japanese scientists have recently tried to use copper coins to eliminate mosquito larvae and have achieved good results, and they have avoided mosquito resistance due to the use of insecticides.

According to Japanese media reports, scientists at the Japan Copper Center have recently demonstrated that depositing copper coins into water can prevent mosquito larvae in the water from becoming mosquitoes. Scientists reared larvae of the genus Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in copper containers for a period of time and discovered that all larvae had died before they became mosquitoes. Ninety percent of larvae reared in glass containers can become mosquitoes.

Scientists also experimented with mosquitoes in the underground home. The mosquitoes are very active even in winter and their larvae are resistant to insecticides. Researchers placed larvae of mosquitoes in underground homes into glass containers and added copper coins to containers. Soon afterwards, the larvae of mosquitoes in underground homes also died.

Scientists tested copper ions in water that had copper coins added. The highest concentration of copper ions is only 1PPM, which is harmless to the human body.

Scientists at the Japan Copper Center believe that copper has a strong antibacterial ability when it is not rusted, so you can try to use copper coins to eliminate mosquitoes, but it is best to use clean new coins.

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