Goat skin processing

1. Clean the skin. Place the skin on a smooth, clean wooden board. Use a blunt knife to remove grease, residual meat, and coagulate blood. When scraping the oil, scrape along the roots from the buttocks to the head. It should be noted that fresh skin must not be washed with water, otherwise it will cause the skin to lose its oily luster and become a "water immersion skin."

2. Make sure that the skin fresh skin must be made into a certain shape. Make the skin straight and square, neck skin thickness can be properly pulled, waist pull to light.

3, marinated Beijing sun is usually taken saltation method, will clean up the fresh plate surface laying down on the cement floor, the edge and head, feet and other parts flattened, spread a layer of salt on the plate surface, Spread a layer of salt until it is stacked to the proper height. Sprinkle the salt for 5-6 days, turn it over once, spread the salt one by one and then salt it for 5-6 days.

Drying skin is best dried in the shade or in the weak sun, avoid exposure, fire, to prevent "focal".

When the winter is cold, it must be sunned in the morning when the sun is cold, to avoid frozen skin caused by freezing. The dry skin should be stacked in a dry and ventilated place and dumped once every half until sales.

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