Causes of Spring Dead Plants and Preventive Measures

Spring flowers and trees should be full of vigor and vitality, but some plants and stumps will begin to wither and even die after sending a few leaves. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Excessive watering with watering will lead to long-term saturation of the water in the basin soil. The lack of oxygen supply to the roots of the plants will result in rot or mildew due to poor breathing, leading to death. Second, excessive fertilization over-fertilization or fertilizer concentration is too high, are likely to cause root burning, resulting in plants withered to death. In particular, the newly-replaced plants have weak root absorption capacity, and consume mainly nutrients and water in their own bodies. At this time, fertilization is most likely to burn out the roots. Third, the shed was too hot and hot in early spring, and the temperature difference was large. The flowers and trees were moved out of the shed prematurely, and the flowers and trees could not adapt to the rapid changes in the external weather conditions. In addition, the soon-to-be pots and trees just grow new leaves to get exposure to sunlight, which will speed up its transpiration, causing plants to lose water and cause death. IV. Insufficient water supply Penang has been in a state of drought for a long time, and flowers and trees have not absorbed enough water. The rapid temperature rise in the spring, the wind is large, and the water evaporates quickly, it will cause imbalance between supply and demand of flowers and trees, and eventually lead to its death. Fifth, improper pH and biological properties of plants vary, some hi acidic soil, and some alkaline soil. If plants in acidic soils (such as camellia or rhododendron) are planted in alkaline soils, plants cannot survive and naturally die, and vice versa.

Goji Berry is taken as one of the most famous plants, which can be both for medical and eating use. The history of goji berry up-picking and for eating use has a long history of 4000years in China. People from different social hierarchies, from the emperor to ordinary people, take goji berry as a good component of medical prescriptions. Goji berry enjoys a great popularity from ancient to modern times, at home and abroad and it has a long lasting and profound life preservation culture.

Ningxia Goji Berry enjoys a great fame around the global due to its high quality standard; meanwhile, it is the only protected product of geographical identity in China, goji berry has a great popularity describes as "goji berry of the world is in China, goji berry of China is in Ningxia and Ningxia`s goji berry is the best".lycium barbarum



Ningxia goji berry is categorized into 5 levels for experimental use. The fruit particles are required to have evenness in shape, with juicy fruit but not dry particle with impurities, humidity or bitten by insect.

Top Level:≤ 250grains/50g   

Excellent Level:≤ 280grains/50g

Superfine Level:≤ 370grains/50g  

First Rate:≤ 580grains/50g

Second Rate:≤ 900grains/50g


2. Identification


Color: The color of Ningxia goji berry should be red or dark red and lack luster.


Shape: Ningxia goji berry has big spindle size in shape with thin skin and full pulp. The particle is somewhat above normal size with style trace at the front of the particle and white stipe trace at the bottom.

Flavor: Ningxia goji berry is astringent at first bite then sweet, without ill-smell.

Goji Berry

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