Sows early mating and piglet revitalization

First, sow early matching method:

1. Let piglets eat early. One week after the piglets were born, they were fed with suckling pig feed or fried coke to adjust their feed intake and feed variety. Half a month later, piglets were allowed to feed wet materials freely. After 20 days, regular daily quantitative feeding. The piglets eat as early as possible to prepare for weaning.

2. Keep the sow healthy. One week after calving, the sows were fed a high-protein feed and a green and juicy feed to prevent the sows from falling.

3, ready for weaning. The sows were weaned on the 25th day after childbirth, separated from the mother and the piglets after each suckling several days before weaning, and the number of sucklings decreased day by day until the lactation stopped.

4, promote estrus. Weaned sows can be induced by boar or aphrodisiac with drugs, generally about 5 days in heat. Sows can be bred on the 2nd day of estrus and can be reconstituted on the next day. The rate of conception can reach 90%. The timely breeding of sows can increase the number of calving.

Second, piglet promotion method:

1. Prepare delivery room. The delivery room should be clean, with adequate light, fresh air, cool in winter and cool in summer, soft mat grass and quiet environment to prevent piglets from being frightened.

2, do a good job of production. When the sows are calving, the confinement workers should clean the nostrils, mouth, and body mucus of each piglet with a clean towel as soon as possible to prevent sudden death of the piglets. If there is a false-dead piglet, use a hose to blow into the nostril, or press the chest to resuscitate, or put it in warm water at 40°C to awaken.

3, broken umbilical disinfection. The umbilical cord of the piglet is preferably 4-5 cm. When the umbilicus is broken, the umbilical cord should be removed and sterilized with 5% iodine. After ligation, it is better to cut it off. This will prevent infection.

4, to maintain enough milk to charge. Sows maintain sufficient milk during the lactation period to feed sows with protein rich concentrates and juicy green feed. If the sow has insufficient milk, prolactin can be used to prolactin. The suckling of piglets should be divided into strengths and weaknesses so that all piglets can eat milk. It is best to train piglets to fix the teats.

5, piglets feed early. Feeding piglets early can improve their gastrointestinal function and prevent nutritional deficiencies. Usually about 1 week after the piglet is born, give the piglet a small amount of food to attract food and let the piglet eat as early as possible.

6, to prevent diarrhea in piglets. Diarrhea is a common disease in piglets. The pig's feces are white, yellowish-green or accompanied by undigested milk mass. There is odor, and death is caused by severe dehydration. It can control diarrhea by reducing feeding and feeding dry materials; it can also be controlled by drugs such as oxytetracycline and tetracycline; and piglets can also be fed with Chinese herbs such as purslane, centella asiatica, and a little red.

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