Spring sowing corn fertilization techniques

Maize is a high-yielding crop, requires a large amount of fertilizer, is also very sensitive to trace elements in the fertilizer, must be reasonable fertilization in order to meet the nutrient needs of corn throughout the growing period. According to the test, 100 kg of corn kernels are produced, 2.5 kg of nitrogen are needed, 1 kg of phosphorus is needed, and 2.1 kg of potassium are needed. If 500 kilograms of corn are produced per mu, the mu needs about 33 kilograms of urea and 31 kilograms of superphosphate. The "Seizhong 28" fertilizer is 20 kilograms.

The spring sowing of corn is mainly based on fertilization. In addition to farmyard fertilizer, the base fertilizer is 10 kg of urea, 10 kg of diammonium (or 25 to 40 kg of superphosphate), and 15 to 30 kg of “Zezhong 28” fertilizer. Mix and spread, deepen the soil, and sow. Seed Fertilizer: 4~5 kilograms of seeds need 1 kilogram of "Seizhong 28" seed dressing agent. Firstly, wet the seeds with cold noodle soup or clean water, add the seed dressing agent to mix well, fully adhere, air dry and sow. The topdressing fertilizer is dominated by nitrogen: Spring corn needs two nitrogen fertilizers to be chased each year, and the small bell-mouth period and the big bell-mouth period catch 40-50 kg of ammonium bicarbonate or 15 kg of urea respectively.

According to a large number of experimental demonstrations and field planting results, the application of “Saizhong 28” fertilizer can effectively prevent and treat zinc deficiency disease, corn bacterial wilt and ear rot in maize, prevent bald head, and increase the yield and yield.

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