The deep processing of black corn is promising

Black corn is fresh, sweet and fragrant. It can be raw and processed into black foods and drinks, but it is harder to keep fresh than ordinary yellow corn. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop a series of products for black corn.
Black corn solid wine: Using black corn wine can improve the flavor and quality of the wine. The use of new technology in the process, the black corn wine in a solid shape, the formation of a unique style. In addition, the special fragrance sweetness blending and string scent of “black sweet glutinous” corn can give a new taste to various wine products.
Black corn paste: black corn as the main raw material, supplemented with chestnut and other natural food materials, combined with high-pressure and low-pressure puffing technology to produce black corn paste, when eaten with general aleurone type food does not have the water absorption and expansion rate No matter in terms of nutrition or taste, it is a new product never seen on the market.
Black corn compressed foods: Black corn as the main raw material, after seasoning, expansion, compression, can form a "high-density nutritious food." Making it a "bite" convenience food will have a good market.
Black corn must be "Wang tea": Black corn must be hypolipidemic, hypoglycemic, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and diabetes. The black corn must be used as a raw material, and scientific formulas such as tea leaf, ginkgo leaf, persimmon leaf, and white angelica can highlight natural active ingredients such as flavonoids, oligosaccharides, corn purines, and purine alkaloids in order to wake up. Brain refreshment, fitness, anti-fatigue, anti-aging and beauty are the ways to develop new health tea.
Black corn oligosaccharides: Using black corn to produce oligosaccharides, melanin and oligosaccharides can be organically combined. So that they can promote the growth of lactobacillus in the intestine, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.
Fresh black corn cob: Choose fresh black corn of a certain age. After fresh-keeping treatment and special packaging, set a focal atmosphere-conditioned environment that is prepared with edible phenolic spices to produce black corn in the field. The resulting fresh black corn cob will become a favorite snack food for people.

Armin qingzhen chicken claw 35g ningxia authentic halal spicy secret wuxiang amin qingzhen.

The nutrition value of chicken claw is high, taste gan, sexual ping, non - toxic. Contain rich calcium and collagen protein, eat not only can soften blood vessel, have beauty effect at the same time.The chicken claw is not only suitable for wasting, the immunity is low, the memory drops anaemia, edema and other symptoms of the people, the growth and development of children. It is also suitable for dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, tinnitus, and dizziness. Skin mucosa and fingernail and other colors pale, physical activity after feeling qi, osteoporosis, heart palpitation symptoms.

Spiced Chicken Feet

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