Scientific processing of shiitake mushrooms

Processing and drying methods are generally drying in the sun and baking dry two.

First, the sun drying method. Drying of mushrooms is most convenient and convenient for drying, and the dried mushrooms have a high vitamin D content. The method is: The harvested shiitake mushrooms are timely placed on the sun drying field or concrete floor in sunny sun. When the sun first, the mushroom is covered upwards, and the mushroom shank is turned downwards. One by one, the sun is dried until it is half dry, the mushroom shank is upward, and the mushroom is covered downward, until 90% dry is suitable. In case of rainy weather, add firepower to dry.

Second, baking drying method. Mushrooms should be packed in small baskets after being picked. Do not put too much in order to avoid squeezing and should be baked on the same day. The general practice is: The harvested mushrooms are spread on a baking screen and sent to the drying room. The temperature should not exceed 40°C at the beginning, and it should be increased by 5°C every 3-4 hours thereafter. The maximum temperature should not exceed 65°C. Drying room should have exhaust facilities, while the side of the exhaust side of the exhaust, otherwise the mushroom folds will be black and affect the quality. After 80% dry, take out the airing for several hours and re-brake for 3-4 hours until the water content reaches 13% or less. The mushrooms that are baked out will be dry, have a good color and a strong flavor. Dried mushrooms should be grading in time, quickly sealed after grading, and placed in a dry, cool place for storage.

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