How to let the sow breed during the day?

At present, about 80% of sows are farrowing at night, and due to their inability to take care of them and pick them up, they often cause abnormal piglet deaths, which seriously affect economic efficiency.
Allowing sows to give birth during the day is a new technique for sow production and breeding in recent years. The specific approach is: 1 to 2 milliliters of cloprostenol injection to the sow's cervical muscles at the 8 to 9 o'clock in the morning before the sow's 1 to 2 days (112 to 113 days of pregnancy). 98.2% of sows gave birth during the day on the following day. According to experiments, the piglet survival rate can also be increased from 95% before the test to 98%.
Cloprostenol strongly dissolves the corpus luteum in pigs, cattle, sheep and horses. It can dissolve the pregnant corpus luteum and reduce the blood progesterone level. It can specifically stimulate the pregnancy uterus, relax the cervix muscles, and make the piglets produce smoothly according to the scheduled time. The production process can be shortened by about half an hour and can promote the removal of the placenta, lochia discharge and uterine recovery. For luteinizing cysts, infertility, fetal clothing, etc. have a good therapeutic effect, but also can reduce the incidence of postpartum pain, mastitis, metritis, lack of milk sows, pig farmers may wish to try.

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