High yield cultivation of pepper

Planting afforestation can also be afforestation. It is better to plant seedlings in the spring and winter seasons and in the spring when the pepper buds and sprouts begin to sprout. Before and after winter, in order to prevent freezing damage, it can be cut and planted, and then the trunks are buried. After the spring thaw in the second spring, the mounds are dumped. .
The live broadcast is mainly in the early autumn. With the harvesting, the excavation will be carried out. The pits with a diameter of 70 cm and a depth of 50-60 cm will be excavated in advance. The soil will be leveled and will be planted in the autumn. The 8-10 grains per hole and the cover soil will be about 1 cm. The second year of spring emerged. In the summer, even in the rainy days, the seedlings are planted at the same time. When the seedlings leave one seedling per hole, the seedlings and the forest land for direct seeding should be selected on the sunny slopes and semi-sunny slopes in the lower part of the slope. The soil is best in sandy loam soil.
After the pepper was planted, weeding was performed 2-3 times in the year and irrigation was performed in time when the drought occurred. The root system of pepper is shallow, and weeds and trees compete with each other. There is no weeding with pepper, and the old ones are said to be old. After the results, soil and fertilizer water should be treated in a timely manner. In areas where water irrigation is lacking, making fertilizer work is the key to high and stable production. Farmyard manure is the best for pig manure. After 10-15 years of tree harvesting, it is used for ring ditching, with about 25 kilograms per plant. In addition, pepper can be intercropped with pulses and green manure crops to improve the soil and increase income.
Zanthoxylum bungeanum usually sprouts in late March. It appears to have buds in mid-April. It blooms in early May and fades in the middle of the year. If management can not keep up at this time, there will be a large number of falling and fruiting phenomenon. The following measures can be adopted to preserve and protect the fruit: 1 spraying 10 mg/kg gibberellin at flowering stage; 2 spraying 0.3% phosphoric acid at flowering stage and middle flowering stage Dihydrogen potassium was added 0.5% urea aqueous solution; 3 After spraying, 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 0.7% urea aqueous solution were sprayed every 10 days.
Pepper is a light tree species, strong branching, easy to cause dense tree crowns, poor light in the interior, reasonable pruning can change this situation. After fruit harvesting, it can be pruned before sprouting in the spring of the following year: young trees and fruit trees should be in the fall; weak trees and fruit trees should be in the fall; weak trees and old trees should be in the spring.
(1) Shaping method. There are triangles, plexiforms, natural happy shapes: 1 triangle. After truncated, three main branches distributed in three directions are preferred, preferably one main branch in the north, southwest, and southeast, and the base angle is maintained at 600-700, and each main branch is equipped with 4 to 7 lateral branches. The branches and the result branches are evenly distributed on both sides of the main branch. This tree-shaped light is more abundant, and the canopy is also large and can produce high yields. 2 plexiform shape. After planting, many branches sprouted from the base of the root, and 4-5 years after the formation of 5-6 main branches were formed. This type of tree is easy to produce early, but due to the large number of main branches, it becomes crowded after long and large growth. If the lighting conditions do not keep up, the tree tends to age. Suitable for premature birth dense planting tree garden. 3 naturally happy. After colonization, the first lateral branch is left at about 30 cm, and the culture can be formed in 4-5 years. This kind of tree-shaped light is good, and it can yield and stabilize production.
(2) pruning method. When the prickly ash tree is pruned, the pruning method must be adopted according to different growth stages: 1 The young tree should master the principle of equalizing the plastic and the results. It should be highly cut in the first year after planting, and the trunk base should be removed before germination in the second year. - Branches at 50 cm, and evenly retain 5-7 main branches for short cuts. The remaining branches are not short cut. Crowded branches, thin and weak branches, current branches, diseased and diseased branches, long and strong branches are removed. 2 Results Tree should be gradually removed to remove excess branches, complete the plastic surgery, carefully trim the branches within the crown, mainly sparse, remove pests and branches, cross-occupation of space, and combine short vegetative branches, vegetative branches on the growth of the golden mean Slow release first, the results of the group after the reduction to the branch, there is space for the growth of Wang Zhi first light and short cut, the second year to strong stay weak, training branch into groups. 3 The old trees are mainly sparsely cut, with large branches, weak branches, big buds, and timely rejuvenation of the branches and branches, old and young, weak and strong, and strong and strong buds to restore the tree vigor. For old trees that need to be renewed, we must pay attention to the use of leggy branches and update the skeletons at the same time.

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