What are the characteristics of chicken's fermented feed?

What are the characteristics of chicken's fermented feed?
Take Jinbao Feed Starter as an example, it is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1, reduce the cost of feeding. The energy feeds fermented by the golden bait feed starter are converted into the bacterial protein feed. Using this fermented material to prepare the full price feed can reduce the amount of protein feed by about 50%.
2, improve feed palatability. The product after fermentation has golden yellow color, smooth handfeeling, fresh scent and good taste. It is very suitable for feeding and feeding. The chicken likes to eat and eat more, which greatly saves fuel and labor costs.
3, improve the disease resistance of chickens. The microorganisms contained in the Golden Baby Feed Starter are directly involved in the barrier function of the chicken's intestine, supplement the population and quantity of beneficial microorganisms in the animal's intestine, form a "dominant beneficial flora", prevent the colonization and growth of pathogenic microorganisms, and restore and maintain chickens. The microecological balance in the intestine improves chicken immunity and disease resistance.
4, improve feed utilization. The "powerful" microbial flora contained in the Golden Baby Feed Starter can destroy plant cell walls in feedstuffs and convert the "macromolecules" such as cellulose and pectin that are difficult to degrade into monosaccharides and oligosaccharides. "Molecules" substances and produce a variety of organic acids, micro-biotin, biological enzymes and a variety of unknown growth factors, greatly improving the nutritional level and digestion and utilization of the fermented material.

The Silicone Adjuvant is wetting and Penetrating Agent for the agrochemical. 

Chemical name: Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane

Silicone adjuvant is a super-spreading surfactant based on a trisiloxane ethoxylate.

Spray Adjuvant lowers the surface tension of spray solutions, beyond that which is achievable with conventional adjuvants.

And,Silicone Surfactant promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals into plants via stomatal infiltration.

spray adjuvant is nonionic in nature, making it useful with a broad range of agrochemical formulations.

silicone adjuvant

Silicone Adjuvant

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