Tree wounds can be treated with skin

Sticking method according to paste: used for bark and xylem separation or separation of non-shedding light wound. When dealing with such wounds, the bark and wounds can be placed on a tightly pressed, tightly tied hemp or plastic string. Paste: Mostly used for bark shedding, bare heavy wounds in the xylem. When dealing with such wounds, the peeled bark should be picked up, and the dirt adhering to the phloem should be wiped clean, glued to the wound site, and adhered strictly. Stick it tightly and tie the bark tightly to the wound. Subsidy: Also known as transplant supplement, it is mostly used in heavier wounds where the bark is broken and the phloem is severely damaged, and it is difficult to heal after pasting or sticking. Treatment method: Under the premise of not affecting the growth of the trees, according to the size of the wounded area of ​​the trees, remove the skin from other parts of the wound tree itself (or on the same species of tree) (such as large branches) and subsidize the wounds after trimming them ( The bark should match the wound). At the same time, the skin wound should be timely wrapped with plastic film and allowed to heal itself.

Precautions During treatment, in the event that the trunk is not round and there is difficulty in binding the wound, some pieces of broken wood may be placed on the bark to be pasted. After wrapping, use plastic film to wrap the wound tightly. After this treatment, young trees and wounds with less damage can be healed in about 20 days; middle-aged trees and wounds with heavier injuries have a longer healing time of about 1 month. Once the wounds of trees have healed, they should be loosened immediately.

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