Ephedra cultivation technology

Ephedra is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The herbaceous stems have functions of sweating, coughing, relieving asthma, and benefiting water. They can treat exogenous cold, cough, and emphysema. The economic benefits are considerable. In recent years, due to the pursuit of high efficiency, the unreasonable exploitation of wild ephedra resources has led to the depletion of resources. In this regard, the state has explicitly prohibited the exploitation of wild ephedra resources. Therefore, whether cultivated ecologically or economically, artificial cultivation of ephedra plays an important role in adjusting the structure of the agricultural industry and increasing farmers' income. The planting techniques for ephedra are described below for reference.

1. Eleven kinds of medicinal ephedra were selected as good varieties in China. The main varieties in the northwest region were Ephedra, Equisetum, Ephedra, Ephedra and Ephedra. Among them, Ephedra, Equisetum and Ephedra have large distribution area and good grade, which are the main ones for the Ephedra processing factory. The acquisition targets are also the main varieties cultivated.

Second, land selection and site preparation can be planted on sandy lands, sand-covered lands and beach-typed calcareous lands, with the best effect of sand-covered land. Before sowing, do a good job of deep plowing and soil preparation. Combine 5,000 kg of farmyard manure with soil preparation, 40 kg of standard nitrogen fertilizer and 30 kg of phosphorus diamine.

Third, the seed treatment of selected full of seeds, placed in 30 °C warm water soaking for half an hour, remove and germination at 20 °C under conditions, pay attention to moisture, until 80% of the seeds can germinate when sowing.

Fourth, sowing, seedlings sowing date for the end of April, using seeding or sowing, sowing depth of 1.5-2 cm, 2 cm after the cover of the river sand, mu sowing volume of 300 grams, spacing 2020 cm, if The use of mulching or seedling transplanting is better.

V. Field management Planting for 10 to 15 days, after emergence, irrigation 1 to 2 times depending on the specific situation, as far as possible to control the irrigation, combined with irrigation in early July each year, ammonium nitrate 20 kg farmyard fertilizer 2000 kg, calcium peroxide 15 kg. Farmyard fertilizer 2000 kg, superphosphate 15 kg. Pour well overwinter water at the end of October. Ephedra is a perennial herb, often accompanied by a variety of weeds, competes with ephedra for water, and competes for fertilizers. It has a great influence on the amount of grass production and alkali production of ephedra. Therefore, we must pay attention to weeding and weeding. Make sure there is no weed growth in the ground.

6. Insect pests and insects that damage ephedra are mainly locusts. If they are found to be parasitized in fields, they should be sprayed with chrysanthemum oil 1000 times.

7. Harvest seed Seeds of ephedra should be harvested at the end of October of the third year. Harvested regenerated plants should be harvested by the end of October of the second year. When harvesting, 3 cm high reed heads are reserved for regeneration.


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