Grape Dendrons' Prevention of Blinking

Causes of grapevine “winking” According to research and practice, the causes of large number of “winks” in grapevines are as follows: Grapes are excessively long in young trees, new shoots are not full, shoots are not full, and stays are added. The branches are too long, and the nutritional conditions are poor in the later years, resulting in "winks"; lack of fertilizer or excessive nitrogen, resulting in dendrite tissue is not full, leaf function is poor, resulting in "blinking eyes"; leaves too dense or excessive fruit, light Insufficient, branching can not be normal and produce "wink."

The control measures for the grapevine “blinking eyes” The grapevine “blinking eyes” must be based on the understanding of the causes of the grapevines' “winks” and take corresponding technical measures for symptomatic prevention and remedy according to the actual situation. In the sapling stage, topdressing should be dominated by organic fertilizers. It is not appropriate to over apply nitrogen fertilizers. Organic fertilizers should be applied in autumn after fruit picking, while topdressing should be dominated in the first half of the year, especially during the rainy season. Available nitrogen fertilizers should not be traced; during the rainy season, attention should be paid to grapes. Park drainage, water control in the late growth period. During the period of vine growth and development from April to June, it is necessary to insist on applying 0.3% urea and 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution every 10 days to meet the needs of bud differentiation and fruit enlargement; Fruits, reasonable adjustment of the grape's load; proper amount of clipping the results of the branches, not too long or too much; appropriate amount of tipping, topping and handling of the auxiliary tip, so that the plane of the lighting conditions are reasonable, good bud differentiation; timely descaling or retraction Dense branches, overlapping branches and leggy branches. For the weak shoots emitted from the “winked eyes” site, 2 to 3 short cuts are required to make another good year in the next year in order to rejuvenate the old man. If the branches are thick, then the tip can be picked up and cultivated into the resulting mother or mother.

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