How to Make Edible Fungus Strains with Corn Kernels

Corn kernels are rich in nutrients, and the edible fungus strains produced by them have the advantages of early germination, fast eating, strong anti-aging ability, and high yield. The production technology is introduced as follows:

Soak and boil corn kernels with no mildew and full grain corn. Pour into boiling water (use lime powder to adjust the pH of the water to about 8). Stir frequently and remove the floating corn kernels. Cook 25~ For 30 minutes, cook until the corn kernels are white.

Bagging (bottle) sterilization Sterilize 10% corn kernels by adding water to the dried corn kernels (Excipient formula: 78% cotton shell, 20% bran, 1% gypsum, 1% sugar, material The ratio of water is 1:1.4 to 1:1.6), mix and bag (bottle) and autoclave for 2 hours. After cooling and inoculating, culturing, high quality edible fungus strains can be obtained.

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