Half-green feed is not suitable for pigs

Some farmers feed their pigs with half-baked green fodder. After a short meal, the pigs are arrogant and restless, walking and shaking, breathing difficulties, and death. The vet thinks this is food poisoning. The main reasons are as follows:

One is to put the vegetables in the pot for a long period of time under low heat and boil, plus no frying, it is easy to produce a toxic substance called hydrocyanic acid, and the pigs are easily poisoned after eating.

The second is that the feed is not cooked and thoroughly cooked, and it is degraded for a long time. When the pig food is about 40°C to 70°C, it will stay in the pot for a long time and the nitrate in the feed will turn into a toxic substance called nitrite.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points when making pig food:

1. Wash, chop and feed fresh green feed. This will not only keep the vitamins from being destroyed, but will not poison the pigs.

2. Feeding pigs should adhere to the principle of formulating feeds and supplementing green feeds.

3. Feed the compound feed first (ie the main ingredient) and then feed the green feed.

4. If you need to cook green fodder, you should boil it now and feed it. Simmer it in a fire, boil it and boil it, uncover the lid, and stir it in time to make the toxic substances evaporate so as to avoid poisoning.

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