Harmful Control of Three Major Pests of Rape

After the larvae were raped and flowered, the locusts mostly concentrated on the pedicels, which caused the peduncles to develop malformations and darken the flowers, and the pods could not develop normally. While the locusts are directly harming, they also spread venom and cause greater losses. Control methods: rape convulsions and flowering period, when 10% of the buds, flowers have aphids, the average each bud has aphid 3 to 5 head should be timely prevention and treatment. Can use 10% imidacloprid 20g per acre, or 4.5% beta cypermethrin 30ml, or 3% acetamiprid EC 40 ~ 50ml, or 50% antimony Wettable powder 10 ~ 18g, or 2.5% Kung Fu EC 10 ~ 20 ml water spray control.

The cabbage butterfly, also known as the white butterfly, is commonly known as cabbage caterpillar. The larvae mainly eat oilseed rape leaves, causing nicks, heavy leaves are eaten, early sowing of rape rape earlier heavier. It should be controlled before the third instar larvae are sprayed. Can be used 90% crystal trichlorfon 1000 ~ 1500 times, or 50% malathion EC 500 ~ 600 times, or 2.5% trichlorfon powder 800 times, about 75 kg per acre per solution, When the dew is dry, spray on the foliage.

The yellow frog is a common locust, vegetable worm, and soil fleas. Its larvae are commonly called white plover. Adults or larvae of yellow-trimmed larvae can harm rapeseeds. Adults take rapeseed leaves and bite the leaves into many small holes. In severe cases, the leaves can be eaten, causing the rape seedlings to die. Larvae endanger the roots of rapeseed, strip the root epidermis, and form many loop insect pathways on the surface of the roots, causing the upper part of the rape seedlings to gradually turn yellow from the outside to the inside, and finally wilts and die. Control methods: The larvae can be used to irritate the roots with 90% crystals of dichlorfon 1000 times, and the adults can be sprayed with 90% crystals of dipterex 1000 times, or rattan extracts 800 to 1000 times.

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