Preservation of seedlings before transplanting

Many vegetable farmers in the transplanting of seedlings of young vegetables, used to transplant while fertilizing, that is, first open the ditch into the base fertilizer, then transplanted seedlings of vegetables. They think that this is not only saving but not wasting fertilizer, but it is not. First, seedlings of melons are transplanted from the seedbed to the field. The absorption function of the roots is reduced, and the fertilizer is very close to the roots of the seedlings, which can easily injure the seedlings and cause the survival rate to decline. In particular, those seedlings that have applied nitrogenous fertilizers are more severe if they suddenly encounter heavy rain after transplanting. Secondly, it takes a process to dissolve the fertilizer in the soil. If the fertilizer is transplanted while fertilizing, because the fertilizer has not fully dissolved into the soil, the seedling root system will hardly absorb the nutrients in the soil, and the slow seedling will be very slow, especially if it is not In good times, the seedlings do not receive nutrition for a long time, and it is easy to cause weak seedlings and weak seedlings, and thus become infected. Therefore, when transplanting seedlings of young vegetables, it is best to apply the base fertilizer 10 to 15 days in advance according to the soil fertility, crop type, and seal the soil. When the seedlings are transplanted into the vegetable seedlings, the fertilizer is dissolved in the soil. The roots of the seedlings can quickly absorb the nutrients in the soil. After this transplanting, the fertilizer will not aggregate into a pile and cause burning.

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