Water Management After Planting Eggplant

After the eggplant is planted, the water content evaporates due to the large leaf area, and the soil relative humidity is generally maintained at 80% in the water management. When there is insufficient moisture in the soil, the plants grow slowly and cause flowering, making the peel of the fruit rough and the quality deteriorating. Especially at the end of the result, the maximum amount of water is required and the supply should be guaranteed. Specific watering methods are:

1. Pour enough "root water" when planting. To keep the roots moist, keep the roots moist. Water control must be strictly controlled until the first flower opens. When the fruit begins to develop and exposes the sepals, commonly known as “eye-opening”, it is necessary to pour “solid water” in time to ensure the growth of young fruits.

2. When the fruit grows fastest, it is the period with the most water, and it should be re-injected with “strong fruit water” to promote the rapid expansion of the fruit; 2 to 3 days before harvesting, the water should be poured once again. "To promote fruit growth and at the same time ensure that the peel is tender and glossy. Afterwards, in the beginning, middle and several days prior to harvest, all fruits are watered in a timely manner in order to ensure continuous fruit growth and development." Sex, but the amount of water each time must be flexibly controlled according to the growing conditions and weather conditions at that time.

In general, the amount of watering increases gradually with the growth and development of the plant; and in the early, middle and late stages of the fruit development of each layer, the principles of less, more, and less watering must be mastered.

Eggplant can be watered by furrow irrigation. However, the previous period can only be irrigated at a high level of 1/2; medium-term irrigation can be as high as 2/3;

In order to meet the water and nutrient management, and to accurately grasp the irrigation standards, the first watering of each layer of fruit is best combined with topdressing.

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