Pollution-free vegetable pest control techniques

I. Tobacco Law Insecticides are mainly used to control vegetable pests, maggots, aphids, and other pests. Preparation method: Weigh tobacco and clean water at a ratio of about 1:40, then smash the tobacco leaves, soak it with 10 parts of boiling water and cover and seal it. When the water temperature drops to 20°C, rub the soaked tobacco leaves until there is no more. When the juice is concentrated, remove the tobacco again. Put in another 10 parts of water to continue rubbing. Repeatedly rubbing the filter residue after several times to remove the tobacco leaves, the smoke will be mixed, spraying about 60 kilograms per acre. Second, grass and wood ash insecticide wood ash is rich in potassium carbonate and other organic minerals, has a good effect of prevention and control, mainly used for the prevention and control of vegetables onion fly, root lice, aphids, beetles and other pests. There are three methods. 1. The soil is applied with about 50 kilograms of dry wood ash per acre. It is applied firstly to the planting ditch or inside the hole. After sowing or setting, it can be covered with soil to prevent underground pests in the roots. 2. Direct application After the hay ash is grinded and sieved, spray it to the pests in the morning when the dew is not dry, and use about 2 kg per mu. 3. Spraying the leaching solution of the ash from the trees means adding about 10 kg of hay with about 4 kg of hay, immersing for about 70 hours, and spraying about 60 kg of leachate per acre after the filter residue. Third, ramie leaf insecticide using ramie leaves can prevent vegetable aphids, cabbage caterpillars, fly maggots, beetles, diamondback moth, tiger and other pests. There are three methods: 1. Fresh ramie leaf medlar juice to take appropriate amount of fresh ramie leaves, wolfberry juice, add water about 4 times, soaked after 12 hours. Mu using liquid medicine about 50 kg. 2. Directly mix the soil and apply the ramie leaves to dry and then mix with the soil. 3. Use castor bean waste residue and water to spray and take appropriate amount of castor bean waste residue, add water by 1:5, soak for about 12 hours after stirring, spray on sunny morning, and use about 30 kilograms of medicinal liquid per mu. Need to be used with the match.

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