Meat pigeon breeding facilities

The lofts: The loft requires both sunshine and shading. It can both prevent rats and cats from harming, and it is also easy for free activities. Therefore, the location of the building lofts should be high-dry, well-drained, with water and convenient transportation, and fresh air. The pigeon loft should be located east to west, north to south, and requires dryness, ventilation, light transmission, warm winter and cool summer. There are two ways to raise meat pigeons: group breeding and cage raising. Crowd-type lofts are generally single-row type, 2 meters wide, 1 meter high (tile top roof) or 21 meters cement roof, 2 meters in length, which can be determined according to the area and the amount of breeding. With a length of 64 meters, it can raise 62 pairs of pigeons, one for two; 2 meters long for 2 pairs, one for one person. The room is separated by a net, and each room is 6 square meters. It can raise 2 pairs of breeding pigeons or commercial pigeons. Right, the loft is surrounded by a small playground with a fence about the size of the pigeon loft. The depth of the playground is 1 meter, it is best to have a net to keep it clean. The top net and surrounding are 225 mm aperture nets, and the bottom net is a 315 mm aperture net. The window was opened before and after the loft, the front window was lower from the ground, and the southern wind was blown in. The rear window was slightly higher than the ground. For ventilation, feet can be opened 2 cm away from the foot of the wall, 5 cm wide and 4 m long. The ratio of the area of ​​the window door to the floor area is 6 light transmission. Cage-breeding lofts: Caged, that is, keeping pigeons in cages. Its advantage is that pigeons are smaller in size and can be erected everywhere. Therefore, the structure of the loft is relatively simple, the construction cost is low, the area is small, and the management is convenient. In particular, accurate breeding records can be obtained. There are cabinets and single boxes in the pigeon cages. Cabinet-style pigeon cages: generally divided into four layers, one breeding breeder pigeon or commodity pigeon pair. The cage is 25 cm high (including foot height cm), 2 cm long, and 3 cm wide. It is suitable for lofts that have been converted from old houses, as well as the spacing between the new lofts. The disadvantage of this loft is that it is more difficult to clean. Crowd-type pigeon cage: This type of pigeon cage can be made of bamboo, wooden or red brick cabinet type, divided into four layers of 4 small grids for a cabinet, each small grid height 2 cm, width 2 cm, depth 36 cm, every two small Accumulate right, a pair of counter raise. Single box pigeons: suitable for family pigeons, can be placed on the balcony, on both sides of the corridor or under the eaves, or stacked in rows in the loft. Each cage is 5 cm high, 45 cm long and 5 cm wide. China Agricultural Network Editor

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