How Soybeans Use Organic Fertilizer

To produce high-quality, high-yield soybean products, appropriate scientific fertilization techniques must be used. First, according to the characteristics of the varieties and the growth characteristics of each period, timely and effective application of organic fertilizers to promote the growth and development of soybeans, increase production and quality, increase production efficiency, and then achieve green food. Therefore, when selecting organic fertilizers, it is necessary to consider the obvious effects of fertilizers, and to improve the quality of the soil by relieving phytotoxicity, promoting ripening, and improving quality. Here are some characteristics of Soybean application of high-efficiency organic liquid fertilizer Huimanfeng: 1. Relief of Pesticides Reduces Pesticide Residues The core substance of Huimanfeng is organic mineralizers. When combined with humic acids, it can alleviate the phytotoxicity caused by residues of Aldehyde mixture, reduce toxins from the soil, reduce product pesticide residues, and produce safe products. Non-toxic, nutritious green food. When applying the herbicide land to the soybeans in the corn field, spraying Huimanfeng 400 times solution to treat the soil can relieve the phytotoxicity. When the soybeans suffer from insecticides, fungicides, seed coating agents and other phytotoxicity, spraying Huimanfeng 400 times can be alleviated within one week. 2. The improved soil fertility will bring Hui Manfeng to the ground and in a very short time; the soil particles will be reunited. The formation of agglomerate structure creates a good growing environment for the roots of crops. It can promote the direct absorption and utilization of nutrients in soil, adjust the pH of soils, continuously release organic matter and nutrients, and continuously accumulate them. It also has effects on improving sandy land and saline-alkali land. effective. 3. Increased Yields and Increased Benefits Huiman Fung's soybean seedlings are robust, with dark green leaves, long main roots, and a large amount of fibrous roots, and increased stalks, thickening and thickening of stalks, and increase grain weight. The average yield per mu increased by 14.8-48.6 kg and the yield increased by 10.9%-26.2%. The input-output ratio is 1:5.6-13.8. 4. To improve the quality and promote the application of Huimanfeng on early-maturing soybeans, it can regulate the synthesis of the substances in the crops, and obviously improve the appearance quality and internal quality. Increase the oil content and protein of soybeans. And it promotes the growth of crop roots. The number of root-causing bacteria increased and the stress resistance was enhanced. The anti-early ability was significantly improved. Achieved the goal of high yield and precocity. 5. Application methods and precautions combined with mechanical ridging, Hui Minfeng liquid fertilizer 200 ml (2 bottles) per acre on the surface of the soil 60 kg of water spray. Subsequently ridging; if Huimanfeng granular fertilizer is used as base fertilizer, 20-25 kilograms of fertilizer per acre is applied at a time, and the method of application is the same as common chemical fertilizer; once in the initial flowering period of soybean, one leaf is sprayed, and 100 ml per acre is used ( 1 bottle) 40 kilograms of water; once the leaves and leaves are sprayed in the scab stage, use 100 ml of water and 40 kilograms of water per acre. After using this product, the amount of chemical fertilizer can be reduced as appropriate, and watering can be combined with watering. After spraying, watering effect can be better after 2 days. Spray time is best in the morning or evening, avoiding high temperatures and hot sun. Try to avoid spraying during full bloom, so as not to affect crop pollination.

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