There are few fears after the year of wheat

The overwintering period of wheat began to mature. During this 150-day period, scholars with old farmer's experience, according to the month of the lunar calendar, summed up the physical "five", namely, hot, cold, frost, fog, and wind. The first month is afraid of heat. The first month is the overwintering stage of wheat, and the cold resistance is strong. Once the weather is too warm, the wheat will get up in advance, the cold resistance will fall, and it will be vulnerable to cold damage when it encounters cold current. Moreover, the first month of cold will also cause pests and diseases. Affects wheat production. February is cold. In February of the lunar calendar, temperatures gradually rise. If the weather suddenly turns cold, it is susceptible to freezing damage on the one hand, and it will also delay greening on the other, shortening the growth period. Fear of frost in March. At this time, the wheat began to plunge, and the cold resistance was poor. In case of late frost, it was extremely vulnerable to freezing injury. The last cold air in spring was mostly in March. The farmer said: "The snow is clear and the rain is broken." Fear of fog in April. As temperatures rise, rainfall increases, temperatures increase, and fog begins to appear. April fog directly affects wheat flowering, pollination and grouting, and it also causes the spread of wheat rust and powdery mildew. May be afraid of the wind. Mainly refers to dry hot winds, when wheat is being spiked and pollinated on booting, and once a 3- to 5-day dry hot wind is encountered, wheat production will be significantly reduced. As long as we grasp the "five fears" of wheat and take corresponding measures, we can also win the stable production and high yield of wheat. China Agricultural Network Editor

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