The ear cultivation technology

Taiwan ears that Taiwan's white fungus. The back surface is black, with the flexibility of black fungus and the crispy feeling of purple fungus. The cultivation is more extensive than the black fungus, and the price is close to that of the black fungus, which has great market prospects. The ear is a wood rot fungus. The optimum temperature for mycelium growth is 25-28°C, and the optimum temperature for fruit body growth and development is 18-22°C. The moisture content of the original matrix is ​​about 58%; the relative humidity of air is about 75%, and the growth and development period of fruit bodies is 85%-95%. Breathing period and ear production period should be enhanced ventilation, otherwise the ear is not easy to expand. Mycelial growth is suitable for PH5-6.5. Its cultivation techniques: Preparation of cultivation materials. Wheat straw, rice straw, corn cob, sawdust, rice seed husk, cotton stalk, fruit stalk, one or more crushed materials of 5500kg, 17350.05cm low-pressure polyethylene or polypropylene cultivation bag 10,000, rice bran or bran 1000kg , Gypsum powder 100 kg, lime powder 25 kg; 100 ear female species, expanded into 500 bags of original species used directly for cultivation. Culture preparation and fermentation treatment. Mix the above materials and mix well with fresh water. Be sure to grasp the moisture of the material, grab a handful of material, and have a watermark without drip. Each batch of 750 kilograms, add 120 kilograms of water per 100 kilograms of dry material, add about 120 kilograms of water per 100 kilograms of dry material. After the material is piled on the material surface and around the countless holes cover film fermentation, insert the thermometer in the material, up to 55 °C for 10 hours to turn the heap once, turn a total of 3 times. During the bagging operation, the principle of tightening the inner tightness and tightening the looseness is to be mastered. Each bag is loaded with about 1 kilogram. Put on the bag mouth ring after filling, plug the tampon, and immediately sterilize. On the same day, the bag was sterilized at atmospheric pressure on the same day and reached the temperature of 100°C. It was kept for 10-12 hours and then stuffed overnight. It was taken out into the clean room or cooled in the place at about 35°C for inoculation. Inoculum culture. The cultivation room was aerosol-sealed for 1 hour and then inoculated above the inoculum. It was also possible to inoculate two open heads above the inoculum from nocturnal to early morning in the open air. The original species of each bag can be transferred to 20 cultivation bags. 3 Human operation can receive 200 bags per hour. After transplanting, the growing bag will be placed on 8-10 floors or in 16 layers on the floor rack. The temperature is controlled at 20-27°C, the relative humidity is controlled within 80%, and after about 35 days, the white mycelium grows or will grow. When the bag is full, ear management is performed. Ear management. When the Natural temperature is below 25°C, the bag can be opened in a timely manner. That is, a sharp knife is used to draw two 3.3-cm-long holes at both ends of the bag to facilitate the ear. During this period, spray water should be lightly sprayed, and as the ear grows, the amount of water spray increases. Keep the room ventilated and air fresh. It takes about 30 days from the formation of the primordium to the picking of the ears. 7-10 days before picking should reduce or stop the water spray, when the ear surface appears white, the ear piece bending 1/3-1/4, you can pick. Harvested. Use a sharp knife to carry the big tab under the head and leave the small ear to continue growing. Do not damage the material surface when mining. After the ears have been harvested, the bottom of the bag is cut with a blade and ears can be eared in advance. A total of 6 ears can be collected. The dried ear of the ear can only be dried or sold fresh. China Agricultural Network Editor

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