Tea garden pesticide use selection

In recent years, due to the European Tea Committee's formulation of standards for pesticide residues in tea exported to EU countries, it has directly affected the sales of tea in the EU market. At present, 11 kinds of pesticides, such as DDT, BHC, dicofol, fenvalerate, cypermethrin, bifenthrin, fenpropathrin, octreotide, acephate, triazophos, etc., are exported to EU countries. Inspection project. On July 1 this year, the EU began to implement new and stricter tea standards, and the situation of tea exports was even more severe. In view of this situation, it is suggested that there are some differences in the limited use of the varieties in the table in the tea plantation pest control step and the national tea pesticide residue standards. When using, please pay attention to selecting different varieties. Pesticide name Concentration Safety intervals Days to prevent target deltamethrin 6000 times 7 Small green leafhopper, Lepidopteran larvae Imidacloprid 3000 times 5-7 Small green leafhopper, Blackthorn whitefly Endosulfan 1000 times 7 Small green leafhopper, Lepidoptera Larvae, diflubenzuron 1000 times 7 tea locusts, lepidopteran larvae, enemy larvae 1000 times, lepidoptera larvae, BT preparations, 600-1000 times, lepidopteran larvae, quebracho, 3000-4000 times, 7 terrariums, konjac 3000 times, mussels Sulfur Concentration 0.3-0.4 Baume Degree Non-production season Use of small green leafhoppers, mites, tea diseases Tea locust virus 1000 times Tea worms beetles Beauveria bassiana 500 times Small green leafhoppers, elephant armor Uranus 3000-4000 times 7 small green leafhoppers , Cyperus cypermethrin 4000-6000 times 5 Small Green Leafhopper, Lepidoptera larvae Glyphosate 100-200ml/Mu Tea Garden Weed

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