Green wheat urea

Urea is the highest nitrogen content in solid nitrogen fertilizer, and it is suitable for all kinds of soils and all kinds of crops, especially for top dressing. It has good results. Since urea itself, most farmers generally use urea as topdressing, but the experiment proves that: The application of urea in the returning green period of wheat is not as good as using ammonium bicarbonate. Why is this? The farmer said it well: "Fertilization is also good. Originally, crops can be directly absorbed and utilized under urea, and can only be converted into ammonium carbonate by the action of urinary bacterial enzymes in the soil, and the rate of conversion of urea to ammonium carbonate has a significant relationship with soil temperature. It takes 7 to 10 days at a ground temperature of 10°C, 4 to 5 days at 20°C, and it takes only two or three days to complete the conversion at 30°C. The wheat return fertilizer is mainly targeted at those wheat fields with weak seedlings, insufficient populations or defertilizers. However, because the ground temperature of wheat is still below 10°C when turning green, if topdressing is combined with watering, it is often due to the slow performance of the fertilizer effect. In contrast, when ammonium bicarbonate is applied to the soil, it is likely to be absorbed and utilized by wheat, and the fertilizer effect is much faster than that of urea.

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